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Digital Badges Course Structure

Digital Badges at a glance

Date & Time

The next round of digital badges commences:

9am, 1 April 2021 (Registration closes 25 March)

Price (ex GST)

IPWEA NZ member: NZ$175.50 | Non-member: NZ$195

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Intro to Asset Management

Gain understanding of why we practice Infrastructure AM and its importance to society, the benefits and drivers within an organisation, and be able to describe the objective of AM and each of the processes used.

Standard Price: $195.00 + GST

Member Price: $175.50 + GST

Duration: approx 2 -4 hours online

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Understanding Requirements

Pre-requisite: AM 101. You now understand that AM is about providing services to customers and communities. Before establishing or reviewing your AM System you must first understand the requirements of your customers.

Standard Price: $195.00 + GST

Member Price: $175.50 + GST

Duration: approx 2 -4 hours online


Pre-requisite: AM 202. Gain understanding of: decision-making techniques to deliver solutions to defined objectives, managing risks & opportunities, how assets are operated on a day to day basis, and how to identify, disclose & fund asset resource demands.

Standard Price: $195.00 + GST

Member Price: $175.50 + GST

Duration: approx 2-4 hours online

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Asset Management Enablers

Pre-requisite: AM 203. You will learn to understand the importance and benefits of and have a comprehensive understanding of the content of the IIMM to a basic level of maturity.

Standard Price: $195.00 + GST

Member Price: $175.50 + GST

Duration: approx 2 -4 hours online

Everything you need to know about digital badges...

IPWEA NZ has augmented its suite of Asset Management training with online asset management training in the form of digital badges, to respond to the changing needs of learners and public works professionals. Micro-credentials are small, stand-alone credentials that certify the achievement of specific skills and knowledge, and can be completed quickly, and importantly for many, on the job. New Zealand's micro-credentials are fast becoming the industry standard across Aotearoa, the Pacific and internationally. Our digital badges are designed to fit in conveniently with your life, to enable you to grow and advance a successful career in the infrastructure and public works sector, including:

Set of asset management foundation badges


We all need to freshen up our skills from time to time. When it comes to training people to get the skills we need in the workforce: times, they are a-changin'.
The government has recognised that our tertiary education system is not delivering the needed vocational skills and proposed an overhaul. Recognition of skills and competencies is becoming increasingly important, and increasingly easier to do. Digital badges are proliferating, especially in the technology sector.


Our first online courses cover the whole IIMM curriculum at the aware and basic level of maturity.

Read more about our Asset Management Digital badges here.


AM 101 - Introduction to Asset Management

    Participants on this course will learn:
    • The importance of infrastructure
    • The importance of asset management
    • Benefits of asset management
    • What is asset management
    • Asset management elements
    • Asset management system
    • Lifecycle asset management
    • The asset management hierarchy
    • Asset management process
    • Continual improvement

    AM 202 - Understanding Requirements of Asset Management

    • Setting the AM Strategic Direction
    • Levels of Service
    • Forecasting Future Demand
    • Collecting and Maintaining Asset Data
    • Reporting Performance

    Participants on this course will learn to:

    • Understand the importance of setting a clear strategic direction for the AM system.
    • Understand levels of service and why they are the cornerstone of good AM.
    • Understand the importance of future demand forecasts and be aware of the methods available.
    • Understand the importance of collecting, maintaining and reporting asset data.

    AM 203 - Lifecycle Planning

    Participants on this course will learn to:

    • Understand decision making techniques that aim to provide the most effective solution to delivering defined objectives.
    • Understand how to manage risks and opportunities which may impact on the delivery of the organisation’s objectives.
    • Understand how assets are operated on a day to day basis by carrying out activities that are aimed at keeping the asset in service and meeting AM objectives.
    • Understand how to apply decision making techniques that can be used to identify the optimal solution across the asset lifecycle to develop a capital investment programme.
    • Understand how the resource demands of Asset Management can be identified, disclosed and funded in monetary terms.

    AM 204 - Asset Management Enablers

    Participants on this course will learn:
    • understand the importance and benefits of the content of the IIMM to a basic level of maturity for
      • Asset management leadership and teams
      • Asset management plans
      • Management systems
      • Asset management information systems and tools
      • Service delivery models
      • Audit and improvement

        What qualification is awarded with an IPWEA NZ Digital Badges?

        Each IPWEA NZ digital badge is a short online course which is practitioner based and focussed. A digital badge is awarded by IPWEA NZ upon successful completion of each online course. A digital badge is a stand-alone micro-credential. Successful candidates may attach their badge to their CVs and online profiles.

        • Delivered by an online platform with weekly live Q&A, how-to videos, discussion forums and assignments
        • Coursework enables you to create your draft Asset Management Plan as you go
        • Hands-on experience with tools and templates
        • Based on the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM)
        • Aligns with ISO 55000 global AM standards

        IPWEA NZ digital badges are delivered 100% online, with each course open for 30 days to complete, to suit your pace. Each badge is designed to take between 2 - 4 hours.

        We use the IIMM framework and Asset Management Basics handbook to introduce Asset Management principles and key concepts to managers and staff who are new to the process. This is the first badge in a series of digital badges we are developing on our microcredentials journey to cover the spectrum of asset management skills and competencies.

        It is expected to take between 2-4 hours to complete online, with progress saved after each completed section so you can come back to it later.

        We have industry experts, like Ross Waugh, lending their experiences to provide up to date content and real world case studies.

        Throughout the learning, you can interact with others completing the same workshop if you choose to do so, via the iQualify chat feature. So this is not only a learning process, but also a networking opportunity.


        The online courses use a variety of formats, including video, quizzes and reading, to suit your learning style.

        • Those who are new to managing infrastructure assets or those who want to align their understanding of asset management with the IIMM.
        • Students or recent graduates in any profession who are interested in this area.

        Non- members: $195 +GST
        Members: $175.50 +GST

        You will have 1 month to complete each course.


        “The badges have highlighted an effective and efficient way to identify differences between property and asset management. This is fundamental to my decision of putting the whole team through.”
        ~ Monique Fouwler
        National Portfolio Manager, Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities

        “The badges have shown me how important my role is in asset management and that by making some small tweaks to the way I
        undertake my work, I can add value to the Departments Asset Management journey.”
        ~ Natasha Baldwin
        Senior Legislative Compliance Analyst, Property Group, Dept of Internal Affairs

        “I have found the courses [first four asset management foundation badges] to be considerably beneficial, engaging, and refreshing, and will utilise the skills to develop and enhance asset management work within the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources in particular and Government in general.”
        Akanete Lauti
        Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Tonga

        “The digital badge has given me a wider understanding of my work in implementing and monitoring capital projects, as well as a greater appreciation for the importance of asset management in infrastructure development.”
        ~ Senior Climate Change Disaster Risk
        Management Officer, Fiji

        "I really enjoyed the training. The AM 204 badge is probably my favourite of all, it was really interesting and engaging and the test was excellent."
        ~ Saniya Thompson
        Property Support Officer, Invercargill City Council

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