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Welcome to IPWEA New Zealand / Aotearoa

IPWEA New Zealand / Aotearoa is the peak body for professionals in asset management. We are committed to our members in New Zealand / Aotearoa and the communities you serve and bring the best of the international public works and asset management practices to you from our existing partnerships around the world. IPWEA is represented on international standard-setting boards giving our members a direct seat at the table in setting the future direction of our profession. We are continually reviewing member engagement, business partners, and services to best support you with what matters most.

Why join IPWEA Aotearoa?

  • Preferential member rate on all Asset Management Pathway courses.
  • International recognition and IPWEA post-nominals.
  • Access to our Communities of Practice and discussion forums.
  • Access to the Young IPWEA network.
  • Preferential member rates on our annual and biennial International Conferences.
  • IPWEA Aotearoa / NZ scholarships in asset management.
  • Access to more local member events.

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Upcoming Training

Event #1

Asset Management Foundations

Monday 16th August 2024, 9:00am AEDT

CPD 25 hours

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Event #2

Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning

Monday 26th August 2024, 9:00am AEDT

CPD approx. 50-60 hours

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Event #3

Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Financial Management

Monday 15th April 2024, 9:00am AEDT

CPD approx. 30-40 hours

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Communities of Practice


Asset Management

Asset Management Pathway
AM Committee


Fleet Management

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Emerging Technology

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Parks & Facilities

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New South Wales & ACT

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New South Wales & ACT

The NSW Division and ACT Branch leans heavily towards our mission and vision:- to enhance the quality of life of NSW and ACT communities through excellence in public works and services. Our membership has a broad reach as a recognised leading professional association that effectively informs, connects, represents and leads public works professionals both within state and local government.


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Our purpose is to enhance the quality of life for communities in Queensland by advancing the skills, knowledge and resources available to those involved in the planning and provision of public works and services. We are not just engineers! We welcome anyone actively involved in the delivery of public works and services in Queensland including urban planners and designers, technical officers, supervisors, fleet managers, operational managers, and those providing products and services for our communities.

South Australia

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South Australia

IPWEA SA exists for its members. IPWEA SA is an independent division of IPWEA, providing member services and advocacy for those involved in public works and engineering services and public infrastructure management in South Australia. Our vision is to support our members to enhance the quality of life of our communities through their involvement in public works and services.


Find Out More About IPWEA

IPWEA (Tas) represents persons involved in and managing, maintaining and operating local government and public works infrastructure and services to the community. Our members include those working in the areas of roads, bridges, asset management, water supply and sewerage, stormwater systems, parks and gardens. Our role is to provide member services and advocacy that advance the professional and technical interests for our members.

Western Australia

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Western Australia

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (WA) is a member-based professional association that works to enhance the quality of life of our urban, regional, rural and remote communities through the provision of excellent public works and services.

Aotearoa New Zealand

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Aotearoa New Zealand

Institute of Public Works Engineers Australasia – New Zealand (IPWEA NZ) is the industry association for professionals who deliver public works and engineering services to communities in New Zealand. IPWEA NZ provides services to its members and advocacy on their behalf and provides regular continuing professional development, conferences, technical publications, and the chance to be involved in special interest groups.

NAMS Canada

Find Out More About NAMS Canada

NAMS Canada is a not-for-profit registered company established on 17th November 2014. It is a subsidiary of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) and uses IPWEA’s NAMS+ system to assist Canadian and North American local governments and public works entities improve the way they manage their public infrastructure assets.

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