IPWEA Whitepaper

IPWEA Whitepaper

Best practice asset management of essential public infrastructure

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IPWEA Whitepaper
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Sustainable and affordable service delivery from infrastructure assets is critical for the successful economic, environmental and social activity of the nation.

Infrastructure such as water supplies, roads, sanitation, and public buildings are by far the largest investment and most complex assets that a community owns. Public infrastructure assets provide essential services that underpin community wellbeing.

Continuously seeking to improve infrastructure asset management capability can bring significant benefits. From creating employment opportunities to sustaining our natural environment, asset management of public infrastructure is the foundation of resilient communities and their long-term wellbeing. IPWEA supports infrastructure managers to understand and respond to the current and emerging infrastructure management needs faced by our planet.

This white paper identifies the importance of asset management and the need for ongoing investment to building capacity the profession. Our recommendations for all levels of government will ensure infrastructure assets are managed effectively to provide the services that communities need.

What’s in the Whitepaper?

  • What is Asset Management? – an explanation
  • What an Asset Manager is responsible for
  • Communities and Asset Management – what an Asset Manager considers when assessing the value of an asset
  • Challenges Facing Asset Management – Asset managers were sixth on a list of top 10 professions for which there was a skills shortage
  • When Assets Fail – the risks associated with poor asset management
  • Asset Managers need continual upskilling – better return on investment through upskilling
  • A Solution – IPWEA’s commitment to education and training
  • A Case Study – How Canada has invested in Asset Management
  • IPWEA Recommendations – for all levels of government to enhance the lives or our communities

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