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  • Conference Sponsorship Opportunities Public Works Engineering Foundation of Tasmania (PWEFT)

    PWEFT actively supports members and non-members with funding opportunities to attend conferences that will improve knowledge and experience in public works engineering. The Foundation invites expressions ...

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Tasmanian Municipal Standards

For access to the Tasmanian Municipal Standard Drawings, Specifications and Subdivision Guidelines, visit the LGAT website here

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  • New IPWEA FLEET Webinar Schedule for 2023 by Ken Goldberg, Consultant, IPWEA Fleet IPWEA FLEET’s webinar series is changing format for 2023 ...

  • What’s all this AI about? By: Anonymous Fleet Manager I keep hearing all this bull dust about AI-powered this and that. It’s going to reduce ...

  • In case you missed it, here's a recent post in the Ask Your Mates Forum Topic: Comparative analysis - Owning versus Leasing for ...

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