Excellence Awards

Conference Sponsorship Opportunities Public Works Engineering Foundation of Tasmania (PWEFT)

PWEFT actively supports members and non-members with funding opportunities to attend conferences that will improve knowledge and experience in public works engineering. The Foundation invites expressions of interest for funding support for any upcoming conferences related to public works.

Applications must be addressed to The Chairman, Board of Trustees, Public Works Engineering Foundation of Tasmania, and be emailed to tas@ipwea.org.

Applicants should provide:

  • Name and membership number if applicable.
  • Work experience and current role.
  • Contributions made to IPWEA and public works.
  • Conference details.
  • A statement on why you wish to attend the conference and the benefits you will gain.
  • Written support from employer confirming availability to attend.
  • A commitment to present your key learnings from the conference at an upcoming IPWEA Tas event.

Emerging Leader Award

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IPWEA Tasmania encourages participation and nominations for the Young IPWEA Emerging Leader Award.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be an under 35 member at the time of their nomination
  • Be active within the Institute
  • Show strong/active leadership
  • Exert a positive influence in the industry
  • Demonstrate they are giving back to the community/public

The Award is open to persons employed in either the government sector or the private sector.

For more information please email us.

IPWEA Tasmania Excellence Awards

The IPWEA Tas Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements and highlight the best and most successful projects undertaken in the public works sector throughout the previous year. Nominations for the following categories must be forwarded to tas@ipwea.org no later than 5pm Wednesday 20th September.

This year the award categories are:

  1. Young IPWEA Emerging Leader
  2. Excellence in Public Works Project
  3. Excellence in Asset Management, Innovation or Sustainability

Nominations for YIPWEA should address the following criteria:

  • Be a member of IPWEA
  • Be aged under 35
  • Be active within the Institute
  • Show’s strong and active leadership
  • Be a positive influence in the workplace
  • Be active in giving back to the community
  • Nominations should address the above 300 words or less

Nominations for categories 2 & 3 should address the following criteria:

  • Provide a description of the project or undertaking (150 words max)
  • Provide information on how the project or undertaking achieved its objectives (150 words max)
  • Provide a basis for how the project or undertaking contributes positively to the public works industry (150 words max)

Excellence Awards Results

Past Winners

Excellence in Asset Management, Innovation, or Sustainability

  • 2022: Tasmanian Stormwater Policy Guidance and Standards for Development, Derwent Estuary Program, and LGAT
  • 2021: Downer – Reconophalt: Sustainable Road Surfacing
  • 2020: Kingborough Council - Blackmans Bay Beach South Recreational Water Quality

Excellence in Public Works Project

  • 2022: Penguin Foreshore Rehabilitation and Upgrade Project, Central Coast Council
  • 2021: Glenorchy City Council – CBD Revitalisation Project
  • 2020: Burnie Council for the West Beach Burnie – Eastern Promenade

Young IPWEA Emerging Leader

  • 2022: Erica Deegan
  • 2021: Callum Pearce-Rasmussen
  • 2020: Meghan Kluver-Jones