Asset Management

Asset Management

An internationally recognised approach to the sustainable management of built infrastructure and services.

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2023 IPWEA International Asset Management Congress Communique

Over 300 delegates from Australia, New Zealand, and further abroad, gathered on the Gold Coast between the 14th and 15th June to attend the 2023 IPWEA International Asset Management Congress. The Congress theme ‘Leading the Asset Management Journey – Achieving a Scalable and Consistent Approach to Infrastructure Asset Management’ lead the conversations. To shape the future of infrastructure Asset Management, delegates considered a draft Communique to progress the recommendations outlined in the IPWEA White Paper on ‘Best practice asset management of essential public infrastructure’.

Based on the valuable feedback from Congress delegates, the recommendations are now finalised in the 2023 Congress Communique.

What is Asset Management?

Asset management is an internationally recognised approach to the sustainable management of built infrastructure and services.

It is concerned with the financial, social and environmental sustainability of delivering services for our communities and the International Standard on Asset Management ISO 55000 defines asset management as:

“the coordinated activity of an organisation to realise value from assets”.

Good asset management maintains an understanding of the cost, risk and performance trade-offs in the short, medium and long-term, when making decisions regarding community owned infrastructure assets.

Asset management is about ensuring the delivery of services that the community values today – whilst delivering certainty for the generations of tomorrow.

IPWEA provides internationally and nationally recognised education, training and advocacy for those involved in delivering public works and engineering services to our communities.

Do you know how to write an Asset Management Plan?

IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning

A Build level Pathway Course, where you create an Asset Management Plan with your own data.

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IPWEA Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Financial Management

A Build level Pathway Course, linking asset management planning and financial management planning.

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IPWEA International Infrastructure Management Manual

6th Edition IIMM E-Book, aligned with the ISO 55000 suite of Asset Management standards.

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IPWEA International Infrastructure Financial Management Manual

IIFMM based on the Accounting Standards applicable in various countries.

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Subscription Programs


NAMS+ provides staff in government and other asset intensive agencies access to the tools and templates to develop and update their Asset Management documents, aligned to ISO 55000 and 31000.

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Buildings.PLUS is a web-based software application that has been designed for people responsible for asset management, facility management and property management in any type of organisation that has a significant portfolio of buildings.

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AUS-SPEC is the national local government specification system for the life cycle management of assets. It is a joint venture between IPWEA and NATSPEC, with the objective to improve consistency, quality, and efficiency in construction through proactive leadership of information.

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IPWEA Publications

IPWEA has an extensive suite of practice notes, technical guides, codes and specifications available to public works practitioners. These cover asset classes and topics such as roads, stormwater, water supply and sewerage, buildings, parks streetlighting, levels of service, climate impacts, useful life of assets and long-term financial planning.

IPWEA publications are written by industry experts and are continually updated to reflect industry best practice.


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IPWEA has established NAMS Canada Incorporated as a not-for-profit association in Canada to provide access to IPWEA's NAMS+ asset management tools, publications & training. NAMS Canada works collaboratively with municipalities and existing associations in Canada.


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