Integrating Asset Management & Governance

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What is Integrating Asset​ Management & Governance?​

Integrating Asset Management & Governance is IPWEA’s newest course, designed to extend your Asset Management learning and gain the tools to apply robust asset management across the whole of your organisation.

Delivered online via a blend of online readings, resources and series of 90 min webinars, this course empowers participants to implement better Asset Management practices.​

IPWEA is pleased to announce that the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) have endorsed the completion of this course, together with IPWEA’s Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning, as satisfying the knowledge requirements equivalent to the Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) certification. Find out more about how to achieve this international designation here​.


Study Mode

4 Online Units


5 weeks


14 hours


Member Price: $2,000 + GST
Non-Member Price: $2,200 + GST


Australian and International Course

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Course Commences
3 June 2024

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Australian and International Course

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Course Commences
21 October 2024

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Course Details

Course Overview

Asset Management is defined in the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM 2020) as the ‘systematic and coordinated activities and practices of an organisation to optimally and sustainably deliver on its objectives through cost effective lifecycle management of assets’, however in practice integrating good asset management practice remains a challenge for many organisations.

This course will empower participants to implement better Asset Management practices across the organisation by:

  • Explaining the importance of integrated asset management planning;
  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of the key Asset Management documents: AM Policy, AM Strategy and AM Plans;
  • Helping participants to make the most of the AM enablers: People, Data, Systems and Tools, Processes and Outsourcing; and
  • Providing implementation ready practices for applying AM Governance across your organisation: AM Steering Groups, maturity assessment and internal reporting on AM.
iamg overview

Module Overview

Module 1:
Integrating Asset Management Planning

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Understanding the course and expectations
  • ISO 55000 and the 4 Fundamentals of AM
  • Integrated Planning and why it is important
  • Benefits of Integrated AM planning
  • The concept of Asset Stewardship
  • AM Governance and why it is essential

Module 2:
The Asset Management System and Framework

  • The Asset Management System (AMS) – explaining the components of the AMS and how it differs from AMIS or IMS
  • Link AMS to ISO and IIMM
  • Understanding and implementing AM Principles
  • Integrating AM across the organisation – understanding and articulating the role of Corporate AM objectives, AMP and IFM

Module 3:
The AMS Documents and Enablers

  • What makes good AM policy?
  • How the Strategic AM Plan (or AM Strategy) assists implementing your AM Policy
  • AM Plans as the ‘business case’ for your assets
  • Essential integration of LTFP with the AMS
  • The Enablers: People, Data, Systems, Tools, Processing and Outsourcing

Module 4:
Good Governance

  • Assessing Asset Management maturity
  • Developing and Implementing the AM Improvement Plan
  • Fully functioning AM Steering Groups
  • The importance of Internal Reporting and how to do it well
  • Communicating AM to Senior Executives
  • Develop and follow a LTFP linked to the AMPs and Corporate AM Objectives
  • Using Sustainability Indicators for management reporting
  • Continuous Improvement: AM is a journey, not a destination!


The course features 4 online modules, over 4 weeks. Modules progressively open each Monday at 10AM AEDT.

Course 2024 - Semester 1


Module Open

Every Monday

Live Q&A

Every Wednesday

Unit 1 - Integrating Asset Management Planning

3 Jun

5 Jun

Unit 2 - The Asset Management System and Framework

10 Jun

12 Jun

Unit 3 - The AMS Documents and Enablers

17 Jun

19 Jun

Unit 4 - Good Governance

24 Jun

26 Jun

Course 2024 - Semester 2


Module Open

Every Monday

Live Q&A

Every Wednesday

Unit 1 - Integrating Asset Management Planning

21 Oct

23 Oct

Unit 2 - The Asset Management System and Framework

28 Oct

30 Oct

Unit 3 - The AMS Documents and Enablers

4 Nov

6 Nov

Unit 4 - Good Governance

11 Nov

13 Nov

Live Q&A Sessions

Optional Live Q&A webinar sessions scheduled 10am each Wednesday. These provide an opportunity to ask questions and discuss aspects of the course material with the mentors and your peers. These sessions are recorded and are available where scheduled times not suitable.

Objectives + Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of integrating AM Planning activities;
  • Explain the benefits of integrating AM Planning activities;
  • Describe the key documents of Asset Management System (ISO and IIMM);
  • Identify and define the roles of key documents in the Asset Management System / Framework;
  • Describe the role of asset management enablers;
  • Demonstrate how to review and contribute recommendations to Asset Management Policy and Strategy;
  • Identify and apply Governance processes to ensure optimal AM outcomes;
  • Demonstrate how to review and contribute recommendations to Continuous Improvement.


Course Outputs:

To ensure participant learning, the following assessment components will be adopted:

  • Assessment Item 1 – review and evaluate an example AM Policy
  • Assessment Item 2 – analyse an example AM Strategy (Strategic AM Plan) and add critical commentary to improve it
  • Assessment Item 3 – using a structured process, critically evaluate an example AM Plan


IPWEA member: AU$2,000 + GST
Non-member: AU$2,200 + GST

Save up to $200/pp when you register for this course as an IPWEA member.

Group discounts available.

Group discounts are available to organisations who register:

  • 3-5 people (15% discount)
  • 6+ pp (20% discount)

*need to be registered at the same time and from the same organisation.

Please email full participants details of group (name, position, email, contact details, phone) to: admin@ipwea.org


Course Format

  • This course will be delivered via a blend of online readings and resources and a series of 90-minute interactive webinars*
  • Supported by course readings and source materials (ISO 55000 standards and IIMM)
  • With an assessment via IPWEA’s learning management system
  • Duration – 5 weeks (approx. 10 – 14 hours effort)

*The live webinars will be recorded for those who are unable to attend.

Online Program

This is a 100% online program, which gives you the flexibility to adapt your training to your professional and personal needs. You will be guided throughout the program by a personal learning mentor who will help you with activities.

iamg delivery


Your mentors fast-track student’s learning, through the sharing of their experiences and insights. Your mentors track your progress, provide feedback and carefully assess your final assignment. Integrating Asset Management and Governance delivers immediate results to you and your organisation.

Allen Mapstone

Allen Mapstone
Director Strategic Asset Management, IPWEA | NAMS Canada

Allen Mapstone is IPWEA's lead trainer for NAMS.PLUS asset management courses in Australia & Canada. Allen is a highly skilled presenter and makes these concepts very understandable.

Steve Verity
Principal Advisor - Asset Mgt, IPWEA

Steve is a fellow member of the IPWEA and has over 25 years’ experience in infrastructure management across the public and private sectors. Steve has a strong appreciation in the importance of applying robust planning and risk management frameworks to ensure the necessary funds are available to deliver projects and programs at the agreed level of service. Steve brings a depth and breadth of expertise to the team and willingness to share experiences with those who wish to develop their skills and knowledge.

Jacqui Hansen

Jacqui Hansen
Principal Advisor - Asset Mgt, IPWEA

Jacqui Hansen is a consulting civil engineer with 25 years’ experience in local government. She specialises in Asset Management and for 15 years has provided consulting services to local government, helping Councils to improve asset management practices and develop meaningful asset management plans. Her focus has always been the needs of regional, rural and remote communities. She brings her real-life experiences to the team.

Who Should Enrol

The course is targeted at those managing public infrastructure assets such as road and transport networks, water, sewer and drainage networks, parks and recreation facilities, community facilities and buildings and other community assets.

Therefore, any professional with an interest in progressing their career in this rapidly evolving field, including:

  • senior management
  • asset managers
  • accountants / finance staff
  • technical officers
  • administrative staff
  • community planners
  • IT staff
  • staff service providers
iamg wse


Optional Text

The 6th Edition of the globally acclaimed, International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) has been driven largely by the updates to the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standards. Recognising that the ISO Standards are very much the “What to do”, the IIMM provides the “How to do it” in terms of applying the standards for infrastructure asset management. The Manual provides valuable learnings for those who have a vital stewardship role in managing the investment in infrastructure on behalf of their community, customers or investors.



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