Road Pavements Workshop - Using Visual Condition Data in AM Planning

CPD Points: 6 hours


IPWEA presents this workshop to assist asset management practitioners apply best practice principles for manual inspection, condition and performance assessment of road pavement assets.


The workshop focus is on the practicalities of how to prepare and undertake a road network condition survey and analyse the field data for integration into the planning and performance reporting process.  


The workshops are based on the concepts & guidelines presented in IPWEA’s Practice Note 9: Road Pavements (Visual Assessment Code) - Condition Assessment & Asset Performance Guidelines and supporting Practice Notes 9.1 and 9.2.


  • Understand the purpose of the PN9 to improve road pavement asset management practice considering ISO 55000 principles.
  • Be able to follow a consistent approach to road pavement data collection, assessment and reporting for sealed and unsealed roads.
  • Develop and improve skills to plan and execute a condition assessment project.
  • Enhance service level planning and reporting.
  • Appreciate the importance of componentisation in the asset register.
  • Improve lifecycle analysis and forecasts.
  • Forecast maintenance and renewals based on risk.
  • Learn how to identify critical road assets, estimate Remaining Useful Life and forecast renewals for the Long-Term Financial Plan.



  • Confidently review and update the asset register.
  • Appreciate the various deterioration and failure modes for different road pavements.
  • Develop reports on the overall condition of the road network.
  • Be positioned to develop remaining useful life reports at asset component level based on a visual condition assessment framework.
  • Produce risk-based forecasts – maintenance and renewals derived from a sample dataset.
  • Be better informed on valuation and financial planning for the road network.
  • Understand that forecast options relate to service and risk consequences.
  • Link lifecycle forecasts to long term planning through Asset Management and Long-Term Financial Plans.
  • Support the strategic asset management function as outlined in the Asset Management Plan.


Who Should Attend

  • Road pavement asset practitioners
  • Engineers, technical officers, inspectors and assessors
  • Asset Managers
  • Technical Officers
  • Applicable to public works and asset intensive organisations that manage road pavement assets that provide services for their community, customers and stakeholders.

Workshop Presenters

  • Murray Erbs | Chair NAMS Council, IPWEA
  • Steve Verity | Principal Advisor Asset Management, IPWEA
  • Graham Jordan, Lemmah Pty Ltd

Recognised Prior Learning

  • Essential

    • Not applicable
  • Desirable
    • Introduction to Asset Management
    • Practice Note 9: Road Pavements (Visual Assessment Code) - Condition Assessment & Asset Performance Guidelines
    • Practice Note 9.1: “How to” Assess Road Pavement Condition
    • Practice Note 9.2: How to integrate into AM Planning

Supporting Material


Roads Pavement (Visual Assessment code) suite


Mick Savage, IPWEA Roads Transport Directorate
Graham Jordan, Lemmah Pty Ltd

Published 2016
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