Levels of Service Workshop

Intensive training for asset professionals, engineers, technical officers, community engagement practitioners

Training focus on importance of determining the services that the community needs and can afford and at what level

Based on IPWEA's Practice Note 8 about Levels of Service & Community Engagement



  • Understand the elements of PN8
  • Improve abilities to assess customer and technical service measures and indicators
  • Provide hands-on professional development.


  • The purpose of Community Engagement with 3 levels of engagement
  • Developing Levels of Service
  • Developing service options
  • Developing a Community Engagement Plan and engaging with the community
  • Determining affordable and acceptable Service Levels
  • Delivering agreed services
  • Case studies.


  • Define Levels of Service in terms the community can understand
  • Plan and engage with the community in meaningful ways
  • Implement update to AM Plans & LTFP to achieve financial sustainability
  • Implement Operational plans, Annual budgets and service delivery.

Who Should Attend

  • Asset professionals
  • Engineers
  • Technical Officers
  • Community Engagement practitioners.


  • Murray Erbs | Chair NAMS.AU, IPWEA
  • Allen Mapstone | Director Strategic Asset Management, IPWEA
  • Steve Verity | Principal Advisor Asset Management, IPWEA

More Information

For more information about this training, please contact us:

phone-icon.jpg 1300 416 745
phone-icon.jpg admin@ipwea.org