2021 Online Fleet Management Training

Join us for this live and interactive online training program, based on the IPWEA Fleet Management Certificate. Delivered over 6 weeks, gain important knowledge and apply it directly in your organisation.

About the course

The program covers the key principles, knowledge and skills involved in managing plant and vehicle fleets

The 6 units are delivered over approx. 6 weeks - each training session runs for approx 60-90 mins.

Participants are able to ask questions during the sessions and interact with other participants.

Six inter-related units – each dealing with an important aspect of fleet management 

Utilisation – is a fundamental metric in fleet management and critical to fleet management planning, acquisition, maintenance and operational decision making. Learn what data to collect and how to analyse utilisation data to inform decision making.

Financial Management – Fleet practitioners need to understand important financial principles. This unit addresses, in non-accounting language, essential information related to; budgets, estimating and applying whole-of-life costs, and fleet financing options.

Procurement - This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to undertake the procurement of fleet assets, including; identifying requirements, planning the procurement process, preparation of tender documentation and conducting a tender assessment using a multi-criteria assessment model.

Maintenance Management – Fleet maintenance is critical to fleet; safety, operational effectiveness and cost management. Whether maintenance is delivered inhouse or is outsourced, the feet practitioner needs to understand the principles and systems that support sound maintenance practice.

Service Level Agreements – Fleet practitioners need to work with their customers and other stakeholders to establish standards and deliver services. Learn about Service Level Agreements as a framework upon which works and services are defined and delivered.

Regulatory Requirements – Fleets operate within an increasingly rigorous regulatory environment and fleet practitioners need to meet their obligations. This unit focuses of Workplace Health and Safety and Heavy Vehicle National Law / Chain of Responsibility from a fleet practitioner’s perspective and presents a risk-based model for compliance management.

Who is it for?

The course is essential for anyone involved in the management, maintenance, procurement and end use of plant and vehicle fleets. Plant & Fleet Managers, Fleet Officers, Fleet Coordinators, Works & Parks Supervisors, Workshop Supervisors, Works Engineers, Asset Managers, and Procurement Officers - anyone working with plant or vehicle fleets within their organisation

Benefits of enrolling and completing the Online Fleet Management Training:

  • Learn the skills necessary to manage a fleet
  • Benefit from the experience of industry leaders in fleet management
  • Meet and build your network with other members of the fleet management industry
  • Keep up to date with the latest industry trends and innovations in fleet management

Dates & Times

 1. Utilisation

Wednesday 9 June 2021 AEST

 2. Financial Management

Wednesday 23 June 2021 AEST

 3. Procurement

Wednesday 14 July 2021 (School holidays:TAS,SA,WA,NT) AEST

 4. Maintenance Management

Wednesday 28 July 2021 AEST

 5. Service Level Agreements

Thursday 12 August 2021 AEST

 6. Regulatory Requirements

Wednesday 25 August 2021 AEST

All sessions commence at 11am AEST
*Future dates and costs are subject to change

CPD Points: 7 CPD hours
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Cancellation Policy: Substitution advice must be received 3 days prior to commencement. Cancellations received less than 1 week prior to to the start of the course will be required to pay full cost. The right is reserved to defer, amend or cancel training.


Rob Wilson – Director IPWEA FLEET
Robert was the Main Author and Managing Editor for the Plant and Vehicle Management Manual Ed4. and was involved in the development and update of the Fleet Management Certificate. Rob and is a qualified trainer and an experienced consultant in fleet management.

Stephen Haughey – Consultant IPWEA FLEET
Stephen is lead assessor for the Fleet Management Certificate and was a key member of the team that developed the current Fleet Management Certificate. Stephen is a qualified trainer and has worked in Fleet Management and Consultancy both locally and internationally for over 30 years.

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