How healthy is your fleet? Part five

By intouch posted 06 September 2018 20:01


In recent issues of Fleet intouch we have discussed various activities that are critical to effective fleet management. In this issue we discuss the issue of fleet asset disposal.

Car-Wheel-with-Stethoscope-539473498_1219x864.jpegIt’s easy to think that once we’ve reached the end of the asset lifecycle that the job is done. Wrong! 

Fleet disposal carries risks that need to be actively managed. Think about the reputational risks associated with not properly de-identifying your vehicles before disposal. Someone uses the vehicle in a dangerous, illegal or inappropriate way and the public think it’s your organisation. Your processes need to ensure your fleet is de-identified before disposal. This just doesn’t relate to logos but also distinct colours or livery.

Plant disposal carries specific obligations under WHS Plant Regulations. When you dispose of an asset you become the seller and need to provide certain information and disclosures about the equipment.

Even once the auctioneer’s gavel has fallen your work is not done. You need to update the information system, change the asset status to sold, enter data about residual values etc. You should also periodically review sales proceeds against benchmarks to see how you’re tracking.

Disposal is just one of 12 areas assessed as part of the IPWEA Third Party Health Check. The IPWEA Fleet Management Health Check is an efficient and effective way for a fleet owner to review their fleet management processes and activities to identify what is being done well – but more importantly where improvements can be made. The health check is a proactive and positive way to identify and address areas of concern before they become more significant issues. It’s like going to a Doctor for a check-up so you can address problems before they become serious and costly.

A health check provides the following benefits:

  • Identifies gaps before more serious problems occur
  • Drives continuous improvement
  • Demonstrates proactive management
More information on the IPWEA Third Party Health Check can be found here.

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