IPWEA Australasian Staff

Executive Staff

Ben Balov
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Email: ben.balov@ipwea.org

Daniella Heseltine
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Email: ea@ipwea.org

Professional Services

Infrastructure & Asset Management

Peter Way
Director, NAMS.AU
Email: peter.way@ipwea.org

Murray Erbs
Email: murray.erbs@ipwea.org

Allen Mapstone
Director, Strategic Asset Management
Email: allen.mapstone@ipwea.org

Steve Verity
Principal Advisor Asset Management
Email: steve.verity@ipwea.org

Fleet Management

Ross Moody
Director Fleet & Executive Officer
Email: ross.moody@ipwea.org

Rob Wilson
Manager IPWEA Fleet
Email: robert.wilson@ipwea.org

Sustainability, Buildings & SLSC

Bryan King
SLSC Technical Adviser
Managing Director - Strategic Lighting Partners Ltd 
Email: bryan@strategiclightingpartners.com

Graham Mawer
SLSC Technical Adviser
Managing Director, Next Energy
Email: gmawer@nextenergy.com.au


Godfrey Bridger
SLSC Technical Adviser
Director - Strategic Lighting Partners Ltd
Email: godfrey@strategiclightingpartners.com



Chris Champion
Director International
Email: chris.champion@ipwea.org

Business Operations

Systems & IT

Leasa Apana
Manager Systems Development
Email: leasa.apana@ipwea.org

Catherine Eloreine
Web & Online Communications Officer
Email: catherine.eloreine@ipwea.org

Events & Marketing

Nicole Patten
Manager Marketing, Events and Training
Email: nicole.patten@ipwea.org

Virginia Laugesen
Manager Communications and Media
Email: virginia.laugesen@ipwea.org

Finance & Administration

Kapil Sharma
Manager Finance & Administration
Email: kapil.sharma@ipwea.org

Susan Pyke
Customer Relations Officer
Email: susan.pyke@ipwea.org

William Wang
Financial Accountant
Email: william.wang@ipwea.org

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IPWEA Australasia Org Chart