IPWEA Australasia Excellence Awards


The IPWEA Australasia Awards for Excellence is held every two years in conjunction with the International Public Works Conference.

The next International Public Works Conference will be held in Hobart 25 - 29 August 2019.

These awards precisely embody the spirit and focus of IPWEA, supporting public works engineering professionals to reach their full potential for the good of their communities. The Awards recognise the dedication, commitment and talent that our members bring to the field of public works engineering.


HOW TO ENTER: To be a finalist for the Australasia Excellence Awards you must have entered and won your respective IPWEA Division Award.

Conference Awards

  • National Asset Management Award (NAMie) for the best asset management paper presented at the IPW conference
  • E.J. (Ted) Hooper Medal for the best overall paper presented at the IPW conference

Award Categories

Best Public Works Project 2019 under $2.0m
between_5-10.jpg Best Public Works Project 2019 $2.0m - $5.0m
over_5.jpg Best Public Works Project 2019 over $5.0m
AM.jpg Excellence in Asset Management 2019
innovation.jpg Excellence in Project Innovation 2019
Water.jpg Excellence in Water Project 2019
road.jpg Excellence in Road Safety 2019
environmental.jpg Excellence in Environment & Sustainability 2019
Young IPWEA Emerging Leader Award 2019
Leadership.jpg IPWEA Australasia Public Works Leadership Medal 2019
project.jpg IPWEA Australasia Public Works Medal for Project of the Year 2019
Keith.jpg Keith H Wood Medal

2017 Australasia Excellence Awards

Visit your Division's website to find more info about their awards