IPWEA FLEET Survey 2021 – Informative Results

By FLEET e-news posted 20-10-2021 10:03


IPWEA FLEET Survey 2021 – Informative Results

By Ken Goldberg – Consultant, IPWEA FLEET

The results of the IPWEA FLEET Sustainability Survey 2021 are soon to be presented at the Virtual Fleet Management Workshop on Tuesday, 26 October 2021. The survey gave fleet practitioners an opportunity to provide a response on Sustainable Fleet Management. It covered several areas including business strategies and policies, fleet performance monitoring, trip planning, efficient vehicle use, and emissions to name a few of the areas the fleet community have expressed interest in providing feedback.

The good news is that this was the best response we’ve had to an annual IPWEA Fleet survey so we thought we would give you a sneak peek at some of the results.

As you may be aware, IPWEA Fleet recently concluded the Winter Webinar Series 2021. The series was broken into 4 parts to explore how the fleet community is “Making the EV Transition Happen”. Naturally, we had to ask the question about whether fleet practitioners had an EV Transition Plan.

The answer: 51% of respondents indicated they had no plan to transition to electric vehicles. We found this in alignment with the Electric Vehicle Council’s recent findings to their own survey, which we have included in this edition of FLEET intouch.

There is so much talk these days regarding the offsetting of greenhouse gases emitted by human activities. This prompted us to ask several questions about this challenging issue including whether fleet practitioners are reporting on their fleet’s environmental performance and if CO2 emissions are being set for the fleet.

The answer: 63% of fleet practitioners don’t report on environmental performance. Even more surprising was that 81% do not set CO2 emission target levels for their fleet.

Finally, we wanted to know the funding channels fleet practitioners were pursuing to support the transition towards sustainability. We provided a range of possibilities including government schemes, partnerships, applying for grants, reverse auctions, and other choices.

The answer: 48% of respondents indicated they weren’t pursuing any funding to support the transition towards sustainability while 37% revealed they were pursuing either a government scheme or some funding combination that included government support.

I hope that sparked your interest. If you would like to hear more about the survey, then you’ll need to register for the upcoming Virtual Fleet Management Workshop if you haven’t done so already. Hope to see you there!



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