NSW Hydrogen Initiative – Transport and Hydrogen Registration of Interest

By FLEET e-news posted 19 October 2020 17:47


By NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

NSW Hydrogen Initiative – Transport and Hydrogen Registration of Interest


The NSW Government recently released the Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020-2030 as the foundation for NSW’s action on climate change and goal to reach net zero emissions by 2050. The third priority area of the plan is investing in the next wave of emissions reduction innovation, which includes a hydrogen initiative.

NSW views long-distance, heavy duty transport and the development of associated refuelling infrastructure as a critical driver of domestic hydrogen demand. This includes hydrogen powered waste truck fleets, long distance haulage and buses. Already, Transport for NSW’s Zero Emission Bus Trials is investigating the integration of both battery electric and Hydrogen powered buses, with the long-term goal of transitioning the entire NSW public bus fleet (approximately 8,000 vehicles) to zero emissions.

NSW’s hydrogen initiative will help accelerate the emerging hydrogen market and build domestic demand. The State will support research, development and commercialisation of hydrogen technologies and has set an aspirational target of 10 per cent hydrogen blending in the gas network by 2030. A hydrogen industry will help decarbonise our economy, firm the electricity system, increase jobs and exports and improve the state’s energy security.

The government recognises the important role a mature hydrogen industry can play in delivering deep decarbonisation in difficult-to-abate sectors such as green steel, ammonia production, gas networks, electricity and heavy transport.

We are interested in hearing about hydrogen projects in NSW, particularly with a transport focus. If you are developing a hydrogen project in NSW, we encourage you to fill out our Registration of Interest (ROI) form. The form helps us gather information on any current or potential hydrogen projects in NSW and will be used to support the design of NSW’s hydrogen initiative and shape the development of the hydrogen strategy.

To submit your interest, please fill out our ROI form. When completing the form, please indicate if any of your answers are commercial-in-confidence.

Filling out the registration of interest form also ensures that you get added to the stakeholder list so you can receive important updates about the initiative and strategy in the future.

If you have any further questions or suggestions about the initiative, please reach out to the Department’s Hydrogen team at hydrogen@planning.nsw.gov.au.



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