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By FLEET e-news posted 14 days ago


By Rob Wilson – Director IPWEA FLEET

IPWEA FLEET Adopts Virtual Fleet Management Workshop for 2020


We’ve written and talked a lot about the impacts of COVID-19 over recent months, primarily in relation to the effects on plant and vehicle fleet management. But it’s also interesting to think about how we have adapted more generally to the situation we find ourselves in.

We’ve experienced social distancing, elbow shakes, facemasks, tele-parties, more people walking and cycling to avoid public transport and more. If you live in Melbourne, you even have to be inside by the 8:00pm curfew – something I haven’t experienced since I was twelve! And while we’re talking about Melburnians, when you think you’ve seen it all, the AFL grand final goes to Queensland!

In a business sense remote working was a real eye-opener. It has been interesting to see how comfortable people have become with on-line meetings (sometimes to the extent of forgetting to change out of PJs). People are less conscious of camera-on teleconferencing and many have found, and continue to find, remote working efficient and effective. Importantly, teleconferencing, face time and the like have not only allowed businesses to meet and collaborate but have also provided social interaction and a support network when people need it most. In the absence of clarity about when and how the virus will be relegated to history, we are still looking at ways to do what we need to do.

Given COVID-19 and its impact on travel and face to face meetings, IPWEA has decided to replace the normal series of one-day fleet management workshops around regional centres and capital cities with a Virtual Fleet Management Workshop available to everyone.

The Virtual Fleet Management Workshop will run on 10 November and include a mix of interactive professional development sessions and industry briefings in an easy to access on-line format. You will still be able to participate and ask questions of the presenters from the comfort of your office or home. Importantly, you will continue to develop your skills and knowledge and remain engaged with friends and colleagues in the industry.

Stay safe (and engaged) and I hope to see you at the Virtual Workshop.



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