Internal combustion column

By FLEET e-news posted 12 days ago


Interesting topic – in my experience fleet software tends to invoke plenty of emotion when discussed. Well here’s a thought - Don’t blame the product – look within!!

No doubts fleet management software can provide huge benefits to the business; however, the software cannot be successful on its own – you will need to do something (yes you!).

The user organisation needs to commit resources to the project to ensure success.

For example, the software does not know anything about your fleet assets, other than providing predetermined empty fields for the organisation to fill in. The user will need to gather all asset register information, PM Service schedules and parts information, etc. The software will not come prepopulated with this information. The vendor can supply this information if required, but be prepared to pay for it!!

Also, it’s important to note that fleet management software will not do your job for you, it won’t make up for poor processes or a lack of user discipline and it won’t make you coffee!. Experience has shown that those organisations that attempt to replicate traditional processes into modern fleet software are destined for failure.

Do something! Pay attention and make the effort when implementing fleet software, as the software does not know your business!




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