IPWEA member profile: Graham Morris

By FLEET e-news posted 16 August 2019 06:32


The fleet management industry has such a diverse range of people and roles, and everyone has a unique story of their journey in our industry.

This month we talk to Graham Morris, Manager Fleet Services, Infrastructure Services at City of Greater Geraldton.

Graham has recently been appointed to the IPWEA FLEET Council helping to provide guidance in best practice plant and vehicle management and to support the IPWEA Fleet program.


FI: How did you get started in fleet and plant, and what was your first job in the industry?

GM: I qualified as a heavy-duty mechanic and worked for many years in municipal and long-distance passenger transport. My career with local government in Western Australia started at the City of Stirling. I then managed the fleet at the City of Busselton for ten years, and spent a short time at the Town of Victoria Park. I have been at the City of Greater Geraldton in my present role for the past three years.

FI: Tell us about your role and the kind of fleet and plant you manage.

GM: I manage a diverse fleet of plant and vehicles required to service a widespread regional and rural community. This includes a large number of road construction plant and vehicles. We have all the usual vehicles and equipment required to maintain community amenities and facilities in the towns within the City of Greater Geraldton. I am also responsible for the Infrastructure Services depot management.

FI: What’s your favourite part of the job?

GM: I enjoy working with different people in different environments. I like to understand their duties and operational requirements to ensure they have the best fit for purpose plant and fleet. I enjoy preparing plant and vehicle specifications, and seeing the end result when staff take delivery of items they are looking forward to working with.

FI: What are some of the biggest challenges you see facing fleet professionals this year and beyond?

GM: One of my challenges is to research the benefits and cost effectiveness of including hybrid and electric vehicles in the fleet, and the other is to ensure that the City of Greater Geraldton is fully compliant with Chain of Responsibility regulations.

FI: How do you think the fleet department can make sure it has buy-in and support from the rest of the organisation?

GM: I try to involve stakeholders in every aspect of plant and vehicle selection decisions. They are consulted during specification preparation and are also involved in the evaluation process. This ensures that, not only are their operational requirements met, but they have a sense of ownership and tend to perform their duties in a more contented atmosphere.

FI: If you weren’t in the fleet industry, what would you be doing? 

GM: Operating a crayfishing boat with a hundred cray pots, and fishing off my recreational boat in my spare time.




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