FLEET Manager's column: What's your professional development plan?

By intouch posted 10 August 2018 00:51


In the June 2018 issue of FLEET intouch e-news I wrote about succession planning and how important it is that organisations plan for the departure of skilled and experienced workers.

Rob_wilson_b_w.jpgHand in glove with succession planning is the professional development of staff to prepare them to take on future roles.

Do you identify and list professional development requirements for the people in your team? If so, do you follow up to make sure the actions are completed?

Professional development can take many forms. For example, assigning a staff member to a project where they will learn and apply new skills can be invaluable. Similarly, acting in a different and more senior role is a great way develop leadership skills and a broader understanding of how the organisation works. Structured and more formalised training can really accelerate the learning curve and provide an insight into best practice and important principles and techniques.

Why not review your staff development plans now and ensure relevant, achievable, meaningful professional development activities are scheduled for your staff this financial year?

IPWEA FLEET offer a range of courses and professional development workshops to support people in the fleet management industry develop and hone their skills. More information on IPWEA FLEET’s training and professional development opportunities can be found on the IPWEA FLEET homepage. 

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