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By intouch posted 04 April 2018 01:59


Now in its fifth year, the National Asset Centre of Excellence (NACoE) is a partnership between the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) and Queensland's Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

Crumb_rubber_small.jpgThis union was established to improve the specialist capability and capacity of both TMR and ARRB through a sustained, collaborative program of challenging projects which unlock innovation and deliver superior technology and road transport solutions.

The program is diverse with a strong focus on pavements, asset management and structures research. It targets international best practice, providing guidance to reduce excessive conservatism and allow the use of innovative materials, and translating new knowledge into best practice.

TMR Director Neil Scales OBE gives some insights into NACoE's major developments currently taking place on our roads.

"We have already achieved outstanding outcomes in the areas of cost saving and performance, sustainability, safety and reliability," says Mr Scales. 

The major developments include:

Savings and performance: EME2
During the past four years, NACoE have been engaged in an effort to transfer EME2 asphalt technology to Australia. Compared to ‘conventional’ asphalt, EME2 offers superior performance, 20-25 percent thinner bases and improved productivity in construction.

Sustainability: Crumb rubber modified binder
NACoE’s Crumb Rubber Modified (CRM) binder project aims to promote the use of recycled rubber from used car tyres into asphalt and surfacings and has already made significant advancements for the sustainability of Queensland’s road network.

Durability: Foamed bitumen stabilisation
NACoE is helping convert the foamed bitumen research outcomes from the past four years into technical notes incorporating all learnings, and where appropriate, to help improve specifications.

NACoE’s achievements in its first five years demonstrate that TMR can achieve benefits far in excess of the costs from research and development. “The synergy produced by working together is something that will help us to deliver excellence and better value for money for years to come,” Mr Scales says. 

TMR are the Platinum Sponsor & Exhibitor for the ARRB International Conference.

Interested to learn more about NACoE’s projects? Register to attend the conference now: www.arrb2018.com.au




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