Practice Note 10.3: Parks Management: Levels of Service


Practice Note 10.3:
Parks Management: Levels of Services

Published 2017

About Practice Note 10.3

Levels of service development guidance specifically targeted for the parks industry with a framework of provision, development and operations, to cover all aspects of parks management decision making and delivery. Includes use of parks categories, LoS development process, costing levels of service, alternative LoS, systems and processes required, performance measures and consultation.

This Practice Note will make up part of the Parks Management Suite

The Parks Suite is proposed to consist of:

PN 10.1 Parks Management: Inventories, Condition & Performance Grading

PN 10.2 Parks Asset Management: Renewal Planning, Valuation and Asset Management Plans

PN 10.3 Parks Management: Levels of Service

PN 10.4 Parks Service Delivery

PN 10.5 Parks Planning

PN 10.6 Parks Service Standard

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