IPWEA Vic Member Spotlight - Les Stokes

By VIConnect posted 18 November 2020 15:11


Les Stokes | Vic Member | 17 years


Why did you become an IPWEA Member?

I initially became a member to expand my networks, to engage with other Public Works Professionals and to take advantage of the information and training that was available to young and emerging engineering leaders.

I’m pleased to say that as I have progressed through my career, IPWEA has continued to be relevant to the work that I do and support that I need.

What are the benefits for your role/career?

As public works engineers, we have an obligation to effectively provide, improve, maintain and operate public infrastructure. IPWEA has supported me to do this throughout my career.

IPWEA has been a trusted source of information and have provided opportunities to collaborate and understand challenges in our sector.

IPWEA has also given me access to the Municipal Engineering Foundation Victoria’s annual awards, including the International Study tour and attending the annual American Public Works Association’s National Congress. This experience will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I have made lifelong connections and friendship because of the opportunities IPWEA has presented me.

What would you say to someone considering a membership?

Membership with IPWEA will broaden your knowledge and develop you both professionally and personally. It gives you the opportunity to step outside your organisation and become involved in sector-wide issues.



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