IPWEA Vic Member Spotlight - Justin Hinch

By VIConnect posted 03 November 2020 18:55


Justin Hinch | Vic Member | 12 years


Why did you become an IPWEA Member?

I had already been working in local government for 8 years and was interested in applying for an overseas study tour scholarship facilitated by the Municipal Engineering Foundation Victoria and found the IPWEA connection.

What are the benefits for your role/career?

I would describe it as an extension of your work environment, a group of professionals, networking and development opportunities which all supports what you do in your role. I’ve really enjoyed attending conferences and events, presenting topics to members, and feel I have a good network to connect with.

What would you say to someone considering a membership?

Even if you only get involved in some of the events and development opportunities, it will be a great support for you. I think being connected in some way to IPWEA is essential to staying informed of news and practices that influence your role.



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