IPWEA Vic - President's Message

By VIConnect posted 14 days ago


The past year has been marked by events presenting both challenges and opportunities for IPWEA Victoria:

  • In September 2019 the Professional Engineers Registration Act became law, making CPD mandatory for registered engineers from July 2021. This legislation has been anticipated for several years and has underpinned our growth strategy.
  • In March 2020 public gathering restrictions were introduced to Victoria in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions necessitated an immediate pivot from face-to-face to online CPD delivery that remains in place indefinitely.

As a consequence of the former, we’ll continue to grow and develop our CPD program to meet the needs of our members and registered engineers throughout the sector. Our online content has been well-received – especially by regional members – and we look forward to their ongoing involvement in this more accessible delivery medium.

As a consequence of the latter however, we find ourselves in a period of transition between a familiar operating environment and an uncertain future. Face-to-face events may not be possible for the remainder of 2020 but online communication and service delivery have become normalized and are likely to remain popular even after restrictions are relaxed.

Whilst a recent review of our current Strategic Plan endorsed our ‘participation’ strategy, much has changed since it was undertaken so the challenge is tactical: how do we best respond to a new and uncertain environment?

Our 2020-21 Business Plan seeks to balance the convenience of online content with the engagement value of face-to-face delivery, the anticipated forward environment and the sustainability of the organisation to ensure we’re ready for the ‘new normal’ – whatever it is – and able to support you.

In governance news, three nominations were received for the three vacancies becoming available at the conclusion of our AGM on 15 October. Our three Director-elects will be announced at this time and I look forward to their appointment. The IPWEA Victoria Constitution requires that “…the number of directors of the Company shall be not less than six (6) and not more than eleven (11)…” and I’m very pleased that our members will continue to be represented by a full and diverse complement of eleven Directors.

In CPD news, our Pitchinars and Management Snacks provide the technical and ‘soft’ skills so important for infrastructure career success. Our next Pitchinar – Beating Corrosion in Steel Structures – is on 12 August and our Management Snacks continue on 20 August with a presentation on Lean Innovation.

Matthew Hill | President, IPWEA Victoria



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