IPWEA Vic - Local Govemenment Act

By VIConnect posted 14 days ago


Victorian Councils must have a Community Engagement Policy in place by 1 March 2021.  The Community Engagement Policy is critical to other legislative requirements, including the Community Vision, Council Plan, Asset Plan and Financial Plan.  The vision and plans need to involve deliberative engagement and the Council’s Community Engagement Policy articulates what it means by deliberative engagement.

You can access a video recording of officers from several councils speaking about how they are approaching developing their Community Engagement Policy and examples of some draft policies already being developed.  LGV has also published FAQs that may be helpful in developing a Community Engagement Policy.

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The IPWEA’s Levels of Service & Community Engagement Practice Note also provides vital information about the purpose of community engagement, the Community Engagement Plan and engaging with the community.



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