IPWEA in CAHOOTS with new Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning

By pwpro posted 19-03-2014 09:17

IPWEA has extended its popular NAMS workshops to offer a new 'Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning’ course – using a new, cutting-edge online education platform called 'Cahoot'.

Watch this six-minute video for everything you need to know about the new course or read on to find out more about the story behind IPWEA's new online integrated learning platform.

IPWEA has teamed up with Australian online education provider, CPDlive, to offer an alternative to the long-running NAMS face-to-face workshops as an online course with IPWEA certification.

So cutting edge is the new professional development initiative, it has already gained international recognition.

IPWEA and CPDlive have successfully submitted an abstract about the new course to present at the IACEE (International Association for Continuing Engineering Education) World Conference at Stanford University in California, US, on 24–27 June 2014.

The context

Back in 2011, prestigious US Ivy League universities including Stanford and Harvard led the online teaching revolution with the goal of opening up higher education to the world. ‘Massive Open Online Courses’ – or MOOCs – was born, and with it a number of spin-off online education platforms.

With close to five million participants from more than 200 countries since April 2012 (as at October 2013), MOOCs was obviously timely, exciting and ingenious, but it has its shortfalls, and comes with key limitations – particularly in a professional development context, says CPDlive co-founder and Executive Director, Anthony Morris.

Enter ‘Cahoot’, which Morris describes as MOOCs’ “professional education cousin”, developed by CPDlive to address these limitations. “Two words are wrong in ‘MOOCs’,” reflected Stanford University President John Hennessy in a February 2014 report in the Financial Times. “Massive and open,” he said.

On the Cahoot platform – which will host the IPWEA’s new Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning Course – participants are grouped in cohorts of 30, with an expert facilitator, enabling close engagement with fellow learners. This is achieved through live online events and group missions in which the cohort explores, challenges and creates solutions together.

The result is a unique environment in which participants can work with leading experts and build a strong community with their ‘classmates’. As a consequence of this innovative approach, CPDlive has seen some astounding results in Cahoot courses to date.

These include a 95.2 per cent completion rate, compared to less than five per cent on most MOOCs education platforms, as well as an average assessment score of 90 per cent, and a 95.6 per cent overall satisfaction rate for participants.

What to expect

The new IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning course will take place over a period of 10 weeks.

Each of the eight modules covered during that time include a live 90-minute online presentation by a relevant expert facilitator, followed by several other, interrelated course elements, including readings and resources, case studies, videos, discussion forums, quizzes and assessments.

Course outcomes include understanding the eight elements of an Asset Management Plan; appreciating the essentials of a quality Asset Management Plan; documenting an Asset Management Improvement Plan; and applying the IPWEA’s NAMS tools.

Unlike the IPWEA’s previous NAMS workshops, participants who complete and pass the course will receive an IPWEA Professional Certificate. “As an IPWEA-certified course, this will now contribute even more to participants’ career structure, leveraging the IPWEA’s strong professional brand, which is recognised by the industry globally,” says Morris.

The new course is only open to financial subscribers to the IPWEA’s NAMS.PLUS subscription service – providing access to the IPWEA suite of NAMS.PLUS tools, templates and other resources.

The first course commenced on 28 April 2014 and is now closed.

To find out more and to register your interest in the next course, please visit www.ipwea.org/ProCertAMPlanning.



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