Everyone has a digital clock!


By FLEET e-news posted 21-06-2022 09:41


Everyone has a digital clock!

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By: Anonymous Fleet Manager

I know everyone has a digital clock now (on your phone, on your PC, in your car, etc.) but just in case you don’t know how to use the old-fashioned type – When the big hand is on 6 and the little hand in on 2 its 2:30!

I wonder why everybody’s time is more important than mine. If we have a meeting scheduled – SHOW UP ON TIME. That also means for online meetings – oh by the way your device will prompt you.

I’ve even had staff ask me to remind them about a scheduled appointment. Here’s an idea – you remind me to remind you!

It’s not only good business practice and good manners but a reflection of your time management skills. I'm over it – show up on time or don’t bother showing up!!!

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