Internal Combustion

By FLEET e-news posted 13 days ago


What’s wrong with online!!


By: Anonymous Fleet Manager

What wrong with these bleeding hearts? “I wanted to go to the football”, “I wanted to go to the concert”. Bla bla bla.

Fact is we can’t. COVID has messed things up and some people are really doing it tough. So, let’s stop griping and get on with it!

I’m using the extra time I’ve found to work on some long overdue projects at home. A mate of mine has gone back to studying. With all the great online programs and offerings there is still plenty to do. Even Jimmy Barnes is entertaining us from his lounge room!

Let’s get used to it – online is going to be around for good and in many ways it’s better than the travelling and crowds associated with face to face. Let’s make the most of it.

To stop our Anonymous Fleet Manager (AFM) blowing a gasket, we created Internal Combustion, a monthly column for fleet-related rants that lets him blow off some steam. Got a fleet gripe you'd like to get his opinion on? Email the editor who will pass it on to AFM... when he's in a good enough mood, that is.



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