Internal Combustion (Angry Fleet Manager) Column

By FLEET e-news posted 06 November 2019 21:00


To all drivers…please! please! please! Tell us if your vehicle has been damaged.


I am sick of learning about damage to our vehicles and the driver didn’t bother to tell anyone. They have a responsibility to fess up if something has happened.

First of all, we have a responsibility to tell our insurer about the accident because not telling may change the insurer's mind about insuring us. We may not be making a claim but we still need to let the insurer know.

Second, we may need to call the police if:

  • ​​​​​one or more of the drivers was drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • someone was injured
  • one or more of the cars had to be towed away
  • the other driver didn't stop and exchange details.

Finally, it’s about assisting the fleet administrator because inevitably we’ll need to get the vehicle repaired!

Driver’s wonder why big brother is watching. That’s right! Cameras and GPS devices in vehicles for safety and compliance. We’re eventually going to find out if the driver had something to do with damaging the vehicle…so do the right thing and let us know or this could lead to an immediate dismissal on the grounds of gross misconduct!



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