IPWEA member profile: Ross Moody

By FLEET e-news posted 09 September 2019 23:40


The fleet management industry has such a diverse range of people and roles, and everyone has a unique story of their journey in our industry.

This month we talk to Ross Moody: 
IPWEA Executive Officer and Director IPWEA Fleet (2004 – 2019)
BE(Civil), Grad Dip (Business), Cert IV Training & Assessment
Emeritus IPWEA Member and IPWEA National President 2001-02

Ross Moody has had a long and outstanding career in public works and has made an immense contribution to the industry both in local government and through a long record of achievement with IPWEA. Ross held the office of IPWEA National President (2001-02) and has been awarded the prestigious Emeritus IPWEA Member status.


Ross has held the dual role of IPWEA Executive Officer and Director IPWEA Fleet since 2004 and decided to step down as Director IPWEA Fleet effective 31 August 2019. Ross will continue to be active with IPWEA on a part time basis.

Given Ross’ involvement in fleet management over an extended period, FLEET intouch thought this was a great opportunity to hear Ross’ reflections on the industry.

FI: Ross, how did you get started in the public works and then fleet industries?

RM: I started my career in public works by pure chance. Jobs were hard to get and my first job was in local government as a design engineer which I stayed with for 4 years before moving to WA to a design office manager role. After 3 years, as part of restructure, I was offered the Works & Serves Manager position which included responsibility for Fleet. I started to take an interest in fleet from thereon.

FI: What have you enjoyed most about your career?

RM: Being in leadership roles for almost 40 years has allowed me to take the initiative when I have seen an opportunity, to build effective teams and create business opportunities. The most enjoyable has been my association with IPWEA firstly in a voluntary capacity and then in my role as Executive Officer and Director IPWEA Fleet. For the past 15 years I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Champion (former IPWEA CEO) and sharing a passion for developing services for the public works industry in what has become a very successful organisation.

FI: What are some of the biggest changes in fleets and fleet management that you have seen over the years?

RM: The biggest change I have seen in the past 30 years is fleet management has become much more professional requiring broader skills beyond just fleet. The other major change areas have been in technology, compliance and fleet management reporting. 

FI: What do you see as the biggest challenge(s) for today’s fleet practitioners?

RM: Keeping up with the constant changes in regulations, technological innovations and getting fleet management and maintenance data in a form needed to achieve optimal management practice. 

FI: What is your advice for someone entering the fleet industry today?

RM: My fleet experience is limited to the public works industry although having said that I have had contact with many fleet practitioners from the private sector. The elements for success are to develop local and national networks through professional development workshops and conferences and get “fleet educated” early with the IPWEA Fleet Management Certificate course. Without exception every person who has completed the course, whether experienced or not has provided feedback on how beneficial the course was. 

FI: What do you see as the future of IPWEA Fleet?

RM: IPWEA Fleet exists to advance the practice of fleet management and we have successfully developed numerous products and services over the past 15 years. We owe a lot to the members of the Fleet Council, a group of handpicked fleet professionals from around Australia, who have provided vital input into new initiatives. There is no shortage of new ideas and with an expanding IPWEA Fleet team the future is bright. 

FI: You’re still going to be involved with IPWEA on a part time basis. What are you going to do the rest of the time?

RM: The first challenge is to learn to only work the hours I have committed to. This won’t be easy and I will have to control the temptation to look at emails all hours of the day. My partner and I plan to hit the road in 2020 and join the grey nomads travelling around Australia. This may well be the lifestyle changer that I need to break the work habit.




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