Internal combustion column: Don’t say to me “this isn’t the way we’ve always done it.”! I don’t have that luxury!

By FLEET e-news posted 16 August 2019 06:57


The constantly evolving state and national laws require that I need to stay up-to-date on current legislation. Doing this means I need new and different ways to stay ahead of trends shaping the fleet industry whilst keeping the organisation safe from penalties or something worse for me and the executive team. Thinking positive now!

The amount of data available to improve fleet operational efficiency has never been more abundant in the fleet industry. However, as the fleet manager, I need to find ways to leverage this data based on calculated insights being vigilant to protect the welfare of the business, as well as my drivers on the road. Get out of my way!

I need to maintain a productive and profitable fleet operation hinged on me being ready, willing and able to communicate effectively with key stakeholders inside and outside of the organisation. I know in our industry there is a lot of operator turnover and I can go a long way towards increasing staff retention by building my competencies, taking the lead and keeping drivers and fleet personnel engaged and satisfied. Let’s look forward – not back!

Ultimately, I need to run a well-organised, safe and productive fleet. This means I need to be a leader that is flexible, calm and willing to adapt to ever-changing obligations that the industry and my organisation demands – now that’s something new!




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