IPWEA launches upgrade to flagship IIMM manual

By ASSET e-news posted 14 September 2015 17:24

Experts have brought IPWEA’s International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) in line with changes to ISO standards with the launch of a fifth edition.

The IIMM is IPWEA’s flagship publication and it is used around the world as a guide to best practice in infrastructure asset management.

The launch of the fifth edition will be supported by a two-part webinar series, scheduled to start on 26 November. The series will explain the changes embodied in the new IIMM and provide participants with access to and details on running a self assessment as to how well aligned they are with the ISO 55001 AM Standard. 

The IIMM manual was originally created in 1995 for the Australian market, before being jointly published with IPWEA New Zealand (then Ingenium) in 2000. It has undergone several more revisions since.

The latest revisions of the manual have been undertaken to bring it in line with the publication of new ISO asset management standards established in 2014.

“The ISO AM Standards are very much the ‘What to do’ of AM whilst the IIMM provides the ‘how to do it’,” says NAMS.PLUS Chair Peter Way, who has overseen the writing of the upgrade. 

“Hence this was the catalyst for this update which will see the new fifth edition of the IIMM published in mid October 2015.”

According to Way, the IIMM has been significantly enhanced to add guidance in the following key areas:
  • Developing a business case for asset management and key success factors
  • The Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) and Policy
  • Setting of asset management objectives
  • Risk management
  • Asset management leadership and communication
  • Operational strategies and planning
  • Establishing and maintaining the Asset Management System
  • Information management
  • Asset Management Maturity
  • Asset management performance measurement and auditing
  • Assessing and managing infrastructure resilience

The new guide will include new case studies and a Quick Guide to provide a concise summary of the overall manual.

The highly successful supplement to the IIMM which provides all of the specific linkages between the ISO 55001 requirements clauses and the relevant parts of the IIMM has also been updated and will remain available as a free download from the IPWEA website. Go to www.ipwea.org/IIMMSupplement.

The new IIMM will be launched in mid October at both the Queensland State Conference and the NSW State Conference of IPWEA, in conjunction with the launch of the new Australian Infrastructure Financial Management Manual.

“This new edition of the IIMM is the culmination of some 18 months of research, consultation and concerted effort by a team of infrastructure industry experts supporting IPWEA’s work,” said Way.

“It has undergone extensive peer review by a wide range of stakeholders to ensure latest best practice and rigour in the application of this new material and the new guidelines. These updates demonstrate IPWEA’s ongoing commitment to provide leading-edge tools and resources and practical guidance to infrastructure asset management practitioners.”

The IIMM and AIFMM may be purchased as stand alone publications, or as a discounted companion set.

Existing users of IIMM who purchase a manual and accompanying training course before 30 October will also receive a special discount rate, so be quick.

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