Expressions of interest - Case Studies from NSW LGs Showcasing Climate Resilient Infrastructure

By intouch posted 14 October 2020 20:01


Local Governments in NSW are invited to showcase projects that they have undertaken to improve the resilience of their infrastructure to climate change.

Showcase projects selected will feature as case studies in a new Climate Resilience Design Guide currently under development as part of a collaborative project between Northern Beaches Council, IPWEA and Dubbo Regional Council; and funded by Local Government NSW under an Increasing Resilience to Climate Change grant.

The Design Guide will provide asset managers with the necessary information to identify climate resilient infrastructure materials that will extend the useful life of assets, reduce maintenance costs and encourage the switch to low carbon infrastructure.

The Design Guide will form a second addendum to the IPWEA Practice Note 12 - Useful Life of Infrastructure and dovetails into Practice Note 12.1 - Impacts of climate change on infrastructure useful life.
Practice Note 12.1 is already available from the IPWEA website and provides industry guidance on: the expected changes in the Australasian climate to the year 2100; the likely impacts of those changes on asset materials and components; climate change adaptation and how it may affect the useful life of the asset; and a process for estimating the impacts of climate change on a range of asset components using a Decision Tree Worksheet and supporting tables.

If you would like to submit your case studies for the Design Guide email the following details to Melanie Thomas at Northern Beaches Council by COB 21st October 2020:

  1. 1. Name of Council
  2. Name and details of contact officer
  3. Title for the case study
  4. Brief description of the case study project: In less than 250 words describe the objectives of the project; actions undertaken; the climate stressor addressed; infrastructure asset treated; material used; and outcomes achieved.
  5. At least one relevant high resolution image.
Part of the case study development will involve your attendance at a virtual workshop in late October to provide input towards the development of the Design Guide and the inclusion of your case study.

If you would like further information on this project, please contact Melanie Thomas on 02 8495 6718.



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