Buildings.PLUS - bridging the gap between maintaining building assets and managing budgets

By intouch posted 14 October 2020 21:06


IPWEA have developed a web-based asset management solution that helps local governments to manage their data and improve decision-making. Buildings.PLUS has been specifically designed for teams that are responsible for asset management, facility management and property management in any type of organisation that has a significant portfolio of buildings.


It is also designed for managers of other assets including parks open spaces, playgrounds, recreational centres, houses and educational facilities. Using a structured approach based on a proven methodology, it enables organisations to justify their budgets based on evidence and a risk-based lifecycle model.

Key features include:

  • An automated lifecycle and predictive model: The software utilises collected data and the Building Component Guidelines (BCGs) to calculate the remaining lives of components, providing a 20 year (and beyond) forecast
  • Current BCGs: At the heart of Buildings.PLUS are the Building Component Guidelines listed in Practice note 3: Buildings. It provides guidance for the surveyor with component names, useful lives, criticalities and gross replacement costs.
  • Mobile app: an in-the-field feature that allows onsite data collection and conditions assessments
  • Reporting: A valuation report, which calculates the remaining life and depreciated replacement cost of assets, as well as a series of onscreen and PDF reports, including a site level summary report, component report and expenditure report. It also has the functionality to interrogate and report component level data

Because Buildings.PLUS is a web-hosted application, it means that organisations can reduce or even eliminate IT expenditure and maintenance. It's also an industrial strength solution and scalable.

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