Professional knowledge shared at IPWEA Otago networking day

By intouch posted 11 December 2019 05:54


Fortunate timing allowed the IPWEA Australasian President, Mat Greskie, to attend a training and networking day delivered by IPWEA Otago Southland in November.  


Mr Greskie said the event was well-attended by local IPWEA members and described the presentations as “very diverse and highly interesting”. 

Alexa Forbes, who recently concluded her second term as a councillor at Queenstown Lakes District Council, provided insight to the challenges of the role. As a communications professional, she was able to offer many ways in which elected members and staff could improve the way they interact and support each other.  “She was very candid in her presentation, detailing the things that went well, and not so well during her time as councillor,” said Greskie. 

Another presentation was by Alistair Haig, a roadworks practitioner with nearly 40 years on the job to back up his claims. He gave sobering statistics on roadwork crashes and detailed the impacts of the new traffic code regulations.

“Alistair challenged us all to embrace the changes and continue to play our part in making those who work on roads safer,” said Greskie. 

Andrew Timms from RCP presented a session on risk management as it relates to contracts. 

Greskie said Timms detailed some great examples of how failing to understand and appropriately share risk can lead to bad outcomes for the principle and contractor alike. 

Following the technical sessions, delegates enjoyed a barbecue lunch prior to the Ambrose Golf 9-hole event. 

“The golf was a tremendous success with a three-way tie being decided by a coin toss,” said Greskie.

“Congratulations to IPWEA Otago Southland for conducting such a great day.” 



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