Internal Combustion - It was a deadset miracle when they told me the IVMS wasn’t too bad!

By intouch posted 17 July 2019 23:31


Strewth! Staff were going off when I told them the business was going to install an in-vehicle monitoring system across the vehicle fleet. First, they thought it was a furphy but then, when they realised it was fair dinkum, they thought I just wanted to see how much they bludged or how often they stopped for a coldie.

Some of the staff were absolute mongrels until it all turned around real quick when they realised the IVMS would benefit them too. First of all, they were stoked when they discovered that the system got rid of the dramas, boredom and repetitiveness of filling in log books. Second, they were happy as Larry when they worked out that the IVMS could prevent them from getting blamed for something they didn’t do.

The truth is that most of the staff are pretty decent and do their job well. They now realise the IVMS is used to verify good behaviour as much as those few iffy instances that put themselves and others at risk.



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