Conferences keep you linked in an online world

By intouch posted 26 June 2019 01:13


Why do you need to listen to talks at a conference far away from your ever-growing pile of work demands, when there is a world of information contained in the smartphone you’re holding in your hand?

The answer is – because face-to-face networking at immersive industry events like those hosted by IPWEA will reinvigorate your professional spirit and, for some, put faces to names.

Even though the IPWEA Ask Your Mates online forum has more than 20,000 users, trouble-shooting on the screen is no substitute for being in the room with people who experience the same daily workplace challenges as you do. The multiple advantages of attending professional conferences are the same across the board for delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

Here is an overview of the benefits of attending professional conferences and how to make the most of your time at an event where the content has been curated just for you:

12 reasons to register

  1. Receive instant, personal feedback about your projects, ideas, challenges - or presentation
  2. Keep in touch with remote colleagues you don’t see regularly
  3. Connect with new people who may become future collaborators - or mentors
  4. Be exposed to new ideas in an environment of responsive two-way communication
  5. Pick up new ideas and answers to fit your project or research challenges
  6. Memorably connect with potential new employers - or employees
  7. Meet like-minded professionals in social settings
  8. Explore project solutions directly with vendors at exhibitions
  9. Invigorate your sense of professional community
  10. Advance your career with new knowledge and connections
  11. Experience fresh perspectives in a focused atmosphere
  12. Collect product samples and watch live demonstrations

Getting the most from attending a conference

The best conferences are one-stop shops where you can experience professional development, gather new information, initiate collaboration and more. Take a strategic approach and make the most of your time at an event, by:

  • Clearing your work to-do list or delegating tasks before you leave for the conference to minimise distractions while you're away
  • Studying the conference program and make a list of sessions that will make a difference to your future productivity 
  • Researching the speakers of most interest and prepare questions to ask them during Q&A sessions or at networking events
  • Making the effort to talk to delegates who you don’t know during the session breaks and social activities

When the conference is over

When you return from a conference, you can continue its professional value by: 

  • Emailing new contacts made at the event to maintain ongoing rapport
  • Reporting on key conference themes and their fit to your organisation’s projects or direction
  • Sharing relevant presentation papers with colleagues and stakeholders

Register now for IPWC 2019 in Hobart

Speakers at IPWEA conferences are selected because they are the top in their field internationally.

Being in the room to hear about their experiences is a unique opportunity to participate with members of your professional community while sharing knowledge.

Key partners at the 2019 IPWEA International Public Works Conference will be industry leaders, Komatsu (platinum sponsor), TechnologyOne (gold sponsor) and Complete (silver sponsor).

The five-day event program includes three days of concurrent presentations; technical tours and social functions including the Komatsu Grand Platinum Conference Dinner and Excellence Awards presentation. More than 50 industry exhibitors will be onsite demonstrating their products and services to delegates.

 Don’t miss your chance to be part of the largest public works conference in Australia, which is held every two years. Book your seat here.




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