Internal Combustion - Work Health and Safety

By intouch posted 06 May 2019 17:20


I mean seriously! Workshop staff shouldn’t need to know about the Work Health and Safety Act to understand when something is potentially unsafe.

However, sometimes staff are so blasé and don’t think about the hazards they come into contact with. We’ve explained again and again and have procedures in place detailing the precautions that are necessary when working with harmful elements. At some point though, our mechanics need to take individual responsibility when working with items such as radiators, batteries, lubricants and even welding equipment because there is potential to be exposed to poisons such as manganese, lead dust and fumes. The highest risk is probably old cleaning methods to clean brakes that may contain asbestos. I wish the team would smarten up and use some common sense! I really hope that the short-term memory loss, irritability and inability to concentrate is due to a big night out. Otherwise, it’s time to deploy CCTV around the workshop to protect the organisation and staff from themselves.



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