Internal Combustion column: Penny wise, pound foolish

By intouch posted 04 December 2018 17:50


Penny wise, pound foolish – so the old saying goes. What’s a fleet worth? A million dollars, $10 million? What does a fleet cost to run each year? Heaps! And so, the opportunity exists to save big money as well.

money-for-startup_-business-concept-874031176_719x490.jpegSome people have a mindset that by not buying resources and tools you’re saving money. Wake up! Open your eyes and look beyond the price tag. Everybody knows that you need to spend a dollar to save a dollar – sometimes save tens of thousands of dollars. This means having the right people, right systems and the right tools to do the job.

The trouble is it’s about not knowing what you don’t know. You might even be reading this and still not GET IT!

To stop our Anonymous Fleet Manager (AFM) blowing a gasket, we created Internal Combustion, a monthly column for fleet-related rants that lets AFM blow off some steam. Got a fleet gripe you'd like to get AFM's opinion on? Email and she'll pass it on. 



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