Internal Combustion column: Stuck in your comfort zone?

By intouch posted 10 September 2017 20:24

By Anonymous Fleet Manager

Although there’s nothing morally wrong about staying in your comfort zone, it does however tend to have a negative impact on the business outcomes of managing your fleet.

In a world where technology is providing extensive opportunities for improvement, cost reduction and ensuring compliance, I find it strange that some fleet professionals stick their head in the sand and hope that this won’t affect them.

Don’t get me wrong; I fully understand that there are challenges involved with change, especially securing funding and convincing senior management that it is good for business. However, with the right attitude, commitment from your organisation and assistance from the wider fleet community, massive opportunities are available to improve your bottom line and overall performance.

Make no mistake, in order for any change or adoption of new technology to be successful it’s likely that you will face resistance from staff, additional workload and an increase in stress levels, but I am absolutely convinced that a bit of additional effort will bring great reward.

So, step outside your comfort, embrace change and lead your business to greater success by challenging yourself and your organisation – this is my challenge to you.

PS: If you have a success story to tell, share it with the wider fleet community through ‘Ask Your Mates’. One of the great things about working if fleet, is the willingness of fleet practitioners to share knowledge.

To stop our Anonymous Fleet Manager (AFM) blowing a gasket, we created Internal Combustion, a monthly column for fleet-related rants that lets him blow off some steam. Got a fleet gripe you'd like to get his opinion on? Email and she'll pass it on to AFM – when he's in a good enough mood, that is. 




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