IPWEA FLEET Plant and Vehicle Management Professional Development Opportunities


By FLEET e-news posted 21-06-2022 09:40


IPWEA FLEET Plant and Vehicle Management Professional Development Opportunities

Winter Webinar Series 2022. IPWEA FLEET conduct themed webinar series annually providing practical information to the fleet community. The theme for this year’s webinar series is ‘Managing your fleet in a tight labour market’, which is a contemporary issue for fleet practitioners. Mark your calendars for the following dates and session topics:

Session 1
  • Date/Time: Thursday, 18/8/22 at 11 am (1 hour duration)
  • Topic: Branding and marketing to attract a broader workforce demographic

Session 2
  • Date/Time: Thursday, 1/9/22 at 11 am (1 hour duration)
  • Topic: Incorporating flexible working arrangements to attract and retain staff

Session 3
  • Date/Time: Thursday, 8/9/22 at 11 am (1 hour duration)
  • Topic: Alternative resourcing strategies: A Fleet Manager’s perspective

Session 4
  • Date/Time: Thursday, 22/9/22 at 11 am (1 hour duration) 
  • Topic: Building a collaborative and engaged workplace

More information and registration details will be available on the IPWEA website soon.

Fleet Management Certificate. The IPWEA Fleet Management Certificate is a recognised industry qualification addressing key principles and practices to effectively and efficiently manage a fleet. If you are involved in the management, maintenance, procurement and end use of plant, equipment, and fleet vehicles, then this self-study course may provide great value to you and your organisation. The next course will commence 2 August 2022. View here the key course details and times or register to attend.

Online Fleet Management Training. Learn the key principles, knowledge and skills involved in managing plant and vehicle fleets with this 6-week interactive course. There are no assessments and no coursework outside the 6 online sessions for Online Fleet Management Training. However, the knowledge and skills are immediately applicable in the workplace. The next course will commence 3 August 2022. View here the key course details, module dates, fees, and delivery information or register to attend.

IPWEA can provide in-house training to meet your specific needs, which now includes custom online training.
Whether the training is on Plant and Vehicle Fleet Management, Plant and Vehicle Safe Maintenance Practice or Maintenance Supervisor Training, IPWEA can deliver the training in a way that meets your specific requirements.

Consider engaging IPWEA FLEET Professional Services
if you are having trouble finding the time or resources to manage your fleet the way you want and as required by your organisation. These services are designed to conveniently provide flexible additional resources and know-how to help you run an effective and efficient fleet operation. Whether you are having trouble reviewing whole-of-life costs, hire rates and optimum asset replacement points, need to know where your risks are or you need strategic advice, IPWEA FLEET Professional Services can provide you a best practice and industry proven approach.