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IPWEA has been a leader in Fleet Management since the inception of the IPWEA Fleet program in 2002. The program commenced with the release of the Plant and Vehicle Management Manual Ed1 and has grown considerably since that time to provide a range of resources, services, training, management tools and events.

Do you have trouble finding the time or resources to manage your fleet the way you want and need to? Are you having trouble reviewing whole-of-life costs, hire rates and optimum asset replacement points? Do you need to know where your risks are? Do you need a strategy to move to the next level in fleet management?

Introducing IPWEA Fleet Professional Services, designed to provide an effective, efficient and convenient way to improve fleet operations.

IPWEA Fleet Professional Services offer you:

  • Efficiency and economy of scale
  • Proven resources (references such as PVMM and tools such as WOL cost calculator)
  • Expertise and experience through our experienced fleet consultants and fleet practitioners
  • A best practice and industry proven approach (as defined in the peer reviewed resources)
  • Confidence by using a proven industry leader in IPWEA

Package 1: Health Check & Improvement Monitoring Program


This program commences with a Health Check which leads to the development of an improvement plan. The improvement plan includes specific objectives, targets and measures over a 12 month period. Structured monthly meetings between the client and the mentor (IPWEA Fleet Consultant) are programmed to review work completed, provide support for challenges and set ongoing monthly targets. The improvement plan is tailored to suit client resources and objectives

Why do it?

This program assesses your management arrangements, identifies opportunities for improvement and leads to a Fleet Management Improvement Plan. We then work with you to implement the improvement plan by supporting routine progress monitoring and resolution of issues as they arise.

At the end of the 12 months progress is quantified and reported.

Deliverables list

Check report (approx. 3000 words), gap analysis worksheet and graphical score card
Management improvement plan
Mentoring and support
Report defining progress and comparative score card (pre and post- program)

Package 2: FAMP - Fleet Strategic Development & Mentoring Program


This program commences with a 2-hour review via teleconference to discuss the current state, available data and the development program. A FAMP development plan is prepared to suit your current situation and presented for comment. 12 progress meetings are scheduled to meet your timing objectives and resource availability. The meetings guide you through the development of the FAMP and provides support for any issues encountered. A formal review and feedback of the FAMP is undertaken and written feedback provided.

Why do it?

This program will support you in the develop of the key strategic fleet document - the Fleet Asset Management Plan. By providing support and mentoring, the delivery of a quality and functional FAMP is greatly increased. The FAMP becomes the central reference for fleet management and its improvement over time. The FAMP uses a standard format based on IPWEA's PVMM, IIMM and ISO55000.

Deliverables list

A critiqued Fleet Asset Management Plan in line with ISO55000 and PVMM Ed4

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