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Use of Video to get your message across

In communicating the 'public works' message, we should make greater use of video. Check out these statistics in this clip! #Australia #SpeakerPresentation #International #Video

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Communicating the Public Works Message 6

Robert Ladd reports: Guys I came across this in another group, but I though it was such a genius way for an LGA to communicate with the community so thought I would share it here. #Video #Australia #RoadConstructionMaintenance #ManagementPractice #International

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Communicating the Public Works Message 4

Effective October 1, 2012, the City of Rowlett (Texas, USA) will raise water and sewer rates $11.95 per customer per month. For most residential customers, this will increase their monthly utility bill by about 9%. Refuse and drainage fees will remain flat. Jim Proce, Managing Director of...

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Communicating the Public Works Message 5

Joanne Petrovic recently resigned from Richmond Valley Council, NSW and prepared a presentation about what it is that Council does. "Well the time has come... After 8½ years employed at Richmond Valley Council I will no longer be employed here. Although I am leaving Council, I still plan to...

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Communicating the Public Works Message 3

Local government business is about interacting with people from all walks of life. To do this we need to get some complicated messages across from time to time. One of the more complex messages we've needed to get across is about how we become sustainable - more importantly, what decisions do...

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Communicating the Public Works Message No. 2

How the City of Ryde's Geospatial Program Integration Management System (GPIMS) works within 'Public Works' - Terry Dodds, Group Manager Public Works, City of Ryde, Sydney. Managing large amounts of information, in real time, linked to strategic plans, goals, projects, deliverables,...

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Communicating the Public Works Message

How well does the Community know what your Public Works Department does for you? Elia Twigg, Public Works Director at the Palm Bay Public Works Department (Florida, USA), created this video in partnership with their Public Information Office to educate the public on the services provided by...

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Sustainable Communities: Critical Insights

This IPWEA Video clip provides critical insights into sustainably managing our community infrastructure. Our roads, bridges, stormwater networks, parks and recreation facilities. IPWEA provides a range of tools and resources, training, workshops, manuals and guidelines for the management of...

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Asset Management in Saskatchewan - Chapter 2

IPWEA works with the Province of Saskatchewan (SK) in Canada delivering our IPWEA NAMS.PLUS Workshops. The SK Ministry of Municipal Affairs has produced a series of AM video clips which also feature our IPWEA Trainers. The clips are excellent in presenting the key concepts in AM. They are...