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Road Safety Training & Accreditation

IPWEA-WA recognises the critical importance of road safety. In partnership with Main Roads Western Australia, the two organisations provide training and accreditation for Road Safety Auditors in Western Australia to ensure that they have the most up-to-date knowledge and information required for effective road safety auditing.

Training is, therefore, a requirement for Road Safety Auditing Accreditation. It is aimed at inculcating professional competencies that increase standards and award proper professional recognition. The preference is for applicants to have received training in WA.

However, if the applicant has undergone appropriate training with a recognised/reputable organisation elsewhere, the Road Safety Panel may consider validating such training and experience from outside WA as equal or appropriate to the standards required in WA prior to offering accreditation to such applicants.

The accreditation of Road Safety Auditors and Senior Road Safety Auditors is done jointly by IPWEA-WA and Main Roads Western Australia.

Road Safety Panel Members

The Panel comprises of:

  • Andrew McMahon (Rotating Chair)
  • Troy Bozich (Rotating Chair)
  • Beki Bampton (WALGA)
  • Evan Williams (Consultant)
  • Donald Veal (Consultant)
  • Adam Hazebroek (Main Roads)
  • Kimberly Brosztl (Local Government)
  • Tim Judd (Consultant)

The Road Safety Audit Seminar

Formally a 2 ½ day workshop held twice a year, in July 2017, the Road Safety Audit Seminar was converted into an interactive online course allowing year-round availability & access to users. The course can be completed either on a unit by unit basis as required, or as a full course which upon successful completion leads to certification as participants can then apply to become Accredited Road Safety Auditors.

Senior Road Safety Auditors have to be Road Safety Auditors first. They then attain the status of Senior RSAs based on their validated experience and contributions to the sector.

Generally, applicants must possess other recognised academic and/or professional qualifications – in addition to attendance at this workshop – in order to meet the required standards for accreditation.

Training in Road Safety Auditing is developed by IPWEA-WA and Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) who have wide experience and expertise in Road Safety Systems and Auditing.

The course is structured around the “Safe System” approach and, in addition to a range of online lectures with targeted learning outcomes, the full course includes a practical audit component.

There is also now requirement for bi-annual reaccreditation. It requires auditors to complete compulsory CPD programme(s) to maintain their accreditation. This is to ensure that all Road Safety Auditors stay up-to-date with the latest information and practices.

Course details can be obtained from the IPWEA office. To find out more, please email or call 08 9321 5306.