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Issue 40     Nov 2017     The 3 risk analysis mistakes you can't afford to make 
Issue 39 Nov 2017 NZ's earthquake recovery | Asset management partnership | IPWEA welcomes new President
Issue 38     Nov 2017     Call for better LG reporting | Is it time for the zebra crossing to change its stripes? | How's your digital maturity?
Issue 37 Oct 2017 Why kids need risky playgrounds | New energy scheme | Quake-resistant concrete
Issue 36 Oct 2017 Why engineers leave local gov (and how to make them stay)
Issue 35 Sep 2017 Gender-based discrimination in engineering | Monster fatberg | Meet the new NAMS Chair
Issue 34 Aug 2017 Winners of AU and NZ's top LG infrastructure awards announced
Issue 33 Aug 2017 The 5 biggest asset management mistakes (and how to avoid them)
Issue 32     Jul 2017     Fighting for a fairer local government grants system
Issue 31     Jul 2017     A solution for our vast unsealed road network | Why cadetships are vital for the industry's future
Issue 30     Jun 2017     Changing the way we respond to disasters
Issue 29     Jun 2017     Why country councils are headed for an engineering drought
Issue 28     Jun 2017     Are you ready for the new CoR laws? | Australia's largest flood study | Diverging diamond interchanges 
Issue 27     May 2017     This is how driverless cars will change your life (and maybe your job)
Issue 26     May 2017     Congestion-busting tunnels? | The recipe for innovation | Call for 'good debt'
Issue 25     Apr 2017     The most in demand engineering skill in 2017
Issue 24     Apr 2017     The battle for rural council funding | Saving pedestrian lives with pavement lighting
Issue 23     Mar 2017     Why value capture could be tricky | Bridge funding up for grabs | Lighting conference dazzles
Issue 22     Mar 2017     Plastic fantastic roads | Flying cars | Financial Assistance Grants
Issue 21     Feb 2017     How downtown LA went from ghost town to flourishing
Issue 20     Feb 2017     How a viral bitumen video put a tiny WA council on the map 
Issue 19     Jan 2017     Reducing the road toll could be as easy as turning on a light 
Issue 18     Dec 2016     LED street lighting will slash costs, halve energy use: IPWEA Roadmap 
Issue 17     Dec 2016     Why councils need 'next practice' asset management 
Issue 16     Nov 2016     Earthquake devastates New Zealand's infrastructure 
Issue 15     Nov 2016     ISO 55000 review | LED street light trial saves 82% power | Transport project overruns total $28 billion
Issue 14     Oct 2016     Most councils in this state have poor asset management
Issue 13     Oct 2016     How to fix local government's broken revenue model
Issue 12
    Sep 2016     Drones are counting koalas and herding geese | How bad planning makes unsustainable
Issue 11     Sep 2016     The 5 top reasons councils fail at asset management
Issue 10     Jul 2016     How to make people love where they live
Issue 9     Jun 2016    

Unlocking wastewater power 'Smartphone zombies' World's most efficient solar cell

Issue 8     May 2016     Special report: learn why we need a national infrastructure strategy
Issue 7     Apr 2016     Introducing mean, green, earth moving machines
Issue 6     Mar 2016     Would you pay to drive on Australian roads?
Issue 5     Feb 2016     Community engagement: The new black?
Issue 4     Dec 2015     Developing drones to do our dirty work
Issue 3     Nov 2015     How we can fix our 'vulnerable' cities
Issue 2
    Oct 2015     How a new PM has boosted industry confidence
Issue 1     Sep 2015     Skip the boring stuff: welcome to IPWEA's new, personalised enewsletter

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