Corporate Information

Our Vision for IPWEAvic

To be the leading organisation for all persons involved in the planning and provision of public works and services in Victoria

  • To enhance the quality of life of our communities via the application of continuous improvement and sustainable principles in public works engineering;
  • To establish the IPWEA Vic as the peak body and the source of credible, authoritative advice on all public works engineering matters;
  • To market the achievements of IPWEA Vic;
  • To provide leadership and a wide range of support services of members;
  • To foster dialogue and relationships between IPWEA Vic, its regions, other associations and government bodies;
  • To facilitate the development, preparation and delivery of public works training;
  • To improve communication throughout IPWEA Vic so as to disseminate information and encourage feedback; and
  • To foster membership growth of IPWEA Vic.
Our Values

IPWEAvic people share a set of core values that define our accepted standards and behaviours – the “dos”and “don’ts” around IPWEAvic. They define us as an organisation, the way we work together, and with our Board, staff, communities and stakeholders.
  • Respect – we treat people with fairness and equity, acknowledging our communities, cultures and heritage. We provide a safe, nurturing environment;
  • Integrity – we demonstrate honesty, transparency, fairness, and clear boundaries in all our interactions;
  • Passion – we strive, stand up for what we believe in, and go the extra distance. We want to make a difference to people’s lives;
  • Excellence – we are committed to excellence in everything we do. We are innovative, responsive, and continually raising the bar;
  • Recognition – we recognise the contributions that IPWEAvic people make, and we celebrate their successes;
  • Ownership – we hold ourselves accountable for our actions, take ownership, and deliver on our promises;
  • Fun – we enjoy working on IPWEAvic activities.

Our Organisational Structure

Our organisational structure comprises:
  • The Board – elected members that meet regularly to set policy, assist in implementing initiatives, review progress and provide broad direction for the overall activities of IPWEA (Vic);
  • Executive – comprising President, Vice President, Treasurer, Company Secretary;
  • Chief Executive Officer – responsible to the Board for the operations of the company and performs duties of Company Secretary;
  • Support Staff – Back Office Administration, Event Co-ordinator, Membership Care Officer, Regional Groups Event Co-ordinator, Accountant, Auditor;
  • Committees;
  • Reference Panels – member participation in nominated areas of special interest or technical focus to provide ongoing professional development and networking opportunities, and engineering, technical and professional knowledge to the public works sector.

Municipal Engineering Foundation of Victoria

The Foundation has been in existence for over 30 years. It was established for the express purpose of providing opportunities for engineers working in local government in Victoria to enhance their technical and managerial skills. This is achieved by annually allocating awards and grants to research for a wide range of internal and overseas study topics.

A major focus of the awards is a group attendance at the American Public Works Association Annual Congress followed by individual study tours within USA and UK. These tours are usually three to four weeks duration. Other awards are available for short term study visits and short courses within Australia.

The Foundation is very aware of the benefits to the individual and to the local government industry derived from such study tours, in particular the advantages of overseas exposure.

To recognise the major contribution of municipal engineers, the Foundation also seeks nominations for the Cedric Tuxen Medal for outstanding service to Local Government Engineering and the Leonard Cheffers Excellence Award for an outstanding engineering contribution to Local Government. The former relates to the career of the nominee, and the latter to a significant construction or research project developed and overseen by the particular engineer.

Further details on the awards program are available from the MEFV web site.

For any further information on any aspect of the the Foundation, please visit the website or contact the Secretary, Merv Paton.