The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia, South Australian Division (IPWEA SA) is an independent division of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia.

IPWEA SA is a professional organisation providing member services and advocacy for those involved in and delivering public works and engineering services to the community.

IPWEA SA’s vision is to:

“Support our IPWEA SA members to enhance the quality of life of our communities through their involvement in public works and services.”

Like its National counterpart, IPWEA SA also has its roots in local Government Engineering, being originally known as the Local Government Engineers Association when it was established in the 1950s.  The South Australian LGEA changed its name to the Institute of Municipal Engineers Australia and subsequently to the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia in 1998. 

The South Australian Division is actively expanding from its former local government engineering focus to public works and public infrastructure management in general.  This broader public works focus recognises that public infrastructure and services are provided increasingly by consultants, contractors, suppliers of goods, services and machinery as well as those directly employed by government, in all levels of Government and draws its membership base from the wide range of professions involved in public works and services including engineers, technicians, public works directors, contractors, consultants, managers, and strategic planners.  Membership grades also reflect member’s achievements within the Institute as well as recognising those who are studying for a career in public works.  Details of the benefits of membership are provided in the membership page.