Introducing the 6th Edition IIMM, the global standard in infrastructure management.

The 6th Edition of the globally acclaimed, International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) has been driven largely by the updates to the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standards. Recognising that the ISO Standards are very much the “What to do”, the IIMM provides the “How to do it” in terms of applying the standards for infrastructure asset management. The Manual provides valuable learnings for those who have a vital stewardship role in managing the investment in infrastructure on behalf of their community, customers or investors.


Available online, the IIMM features many new case studies in ISO implementation, climate change and resilience, the use of data and technology in Asset Management as well as additional detail on assessing your Asset Management Maturity and developing a strategic approach to asset management.


The Manual is now even more accessible and easy to navigate. It features a new individual and organisational level Annotation Tool and with predictive search and hyperlinking, the IIMM promises a great user experience every time.


Individual and Organisation subscriptions to the E-book are now available for purchase or sign up to IPWEA’s E-book Subscription to get 24/7 access to the new IIMM and all other publications in the IPWEA library, as well as access to regular content updates.

Showcase Webinars

IIMM Information Session

Water Sector Reforms, Asset Management and the IIMM – What you need to know!

The IIMM, now in its 6th edition and fully online, is the asset management practitioner’s guide – but what guidance does it present for water asset managers – especially in the face of water sector reforms?

In this important 60 minute webinar you will first hear from Aneurin Hughes, Senior Principal Cardno and Principal Author of IPWEA’s PN7 Water Supply & Sewerage, about the relationship between Asset Management principles and water regulations.

Next, Lisa Roberts, Engineering NZ Fellow and one of the key contributors to the long-term development of the IIMM, will present a taster for the guidance and practical support available in the IIMM relevant to those asset managers responsible for water related infrastructure.

Our third presentation is from Hugh Blake-Manson, Infrastructure Asset Advisor at Waugh Infrastructure Management, who will explore the practical application of IIMM principles through a case study in resilience and the prospect of natural disasters.


Date: Tuesday 30th November

Time: 1pm AEDT / 3pm NZDT

Cost: Free


Aneurin Hughes | Senior Principal of Cardno

Aneurin over 40 years' experience in all aspects of infrastructure lifecycle including management, policy development, planning, design, construction supervision, operation and maintenance.

Aneurin has been a leader in the development and promotion of asset management for over 30 years. In the late 1980s and early 1990s he developed the Queensland State Government's Guidelines on Asset Management and Total Management Planning which set the framework for asset management for the State's water and sewerage utilities (mainly local governments).

Since joining Cardno in 1996, Aneurin has been taken a lead role in all aspects of asset management at strategic, tactical and operational levels for a wide range of clients.  Asset management projects have been undertaken for water utilities, economic regulators, Commonwealth, state and local government agencies responsible for a wide range of infrastructure to deliver services. He has also developed State Government guidelines on water supply and sewerage planning, business case guidance and project lifecycle guidance.  He is  the co-author of  IPWEA Practice Note 7: Condition Assessment & Performance Guidelines – Water Supply & Sewerage.  Aneurin is a Certified Asset Management Assessor.

Lisa Roberts

Lisa is a Fellow of Engineering NZ, a recognition of her career in infrastructure management.  She is an independent consultant focussed on supporting clients to improve ‘whole of business’ asset management and infrastructure resilience.  She is an expert facilitator and has project managed and co-authored all editions of the Infrastructure Management Manual, Asset Management Basics and many other publications.

Hugh Blake-Manson | Infrastructure Advisor, Waugh Infrastructure

Hugh has invested 25 years in the 3Waters and rivers sector across New Zealand.  Working in local government and internationally with a focus on water sustainability, strategic and operations asset management has resulted in a deeper understanding of the challenges, issues and demands faced across this vital sector.  He is currently undertaking Masters research into technologies that can support the social and economic outcomes in delivering safe water that the Water Service Act and regulation will bring sharper focus to.

Content Updates

This new online edition features significant updates and a host of new case studies in the following key areas:


Data Management

  • Showcases new case studies on the use of Business Intelligence tools in Strategic Asset Management.
  • Deep dive into AMIS system implementation and reporting requirements.
  • Examples of user acceptance testing when implementing an asset software system.

ISO Implementation

  • Incorporates the latest thinking from the ISO 55002 update with a greater focus on strategic asset management planning aspects as required by organisations in establishing a SAMP.
  • References the new ISO 55010:2019 Technical Specification on Alignment between the financial and non-financial functions in asset management.
  • Features many new case studies that demonstrate real life practices by organisations applying the requirements of ISO 55001.

Sustainability and Climate Change

  • Includes expanded and updated sections on climate change risk and resilience, with all new case studies.
  • Features a discussion box on the carbon neutral imperative for infrastructure.

Maturity Assessment Index

  • Includes additional detail that provides more robust maturity scores and consistency of scoring across different organisations and by different assessors.
  • Provides guidance on the sort of ‘evidence’ required to support assessment scores.
  • Identifies the risks associated with asset management maturity gaps for each function assessed.
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"Infrastructure is the foundation of our communities and provides the platform for the services that people take for granted. Sustainable infrastructure asset management is therefore essential to delivering core services to current and future generations. This isn’t easy, it is complex and needs a whole of organisation response based on good information to ensure assets are maintained and replaced at the right time, in the right way and they are appropriately funded.

The environment that we operate in is changing at pace and having a significant influence on the way assets need to be managed. I congratulate IPWEA on the development of the 6th edition of the IIMM, to reflect these risks and opportunities, such as a changing climate and technology advances. I encourage the use of the IIMM, which reflects best practice asset management."

Andrea Reeves, Assistant Auditor-General – Local Government Group
New Zealand Office of the Auditor-General Te Mana Arotake

"I am very pleased to provide a testimonial to this important international manual. Our communities demand the upmost in professional competency by the practitioners who deliver public works services.  Coupled with probably the greatest challenge facing municipalities across the world today, more than ever, is ensuring the effective and sustainable delivery of services from the infrastructure assets acquired over the years is maintained.

A key objective of the International Federation of Municipal Engineering is to foster technical and cultural exchange between municipal and public works engineers worldwide and we have become increasingly aware of the value the International Infrastructure Management Manual provides to the public works sector.  This Manual guides infrastructure managers in all areas to develop, adapt and operate sustainable asset networks at the agreed level of service while managing risk and cost.

On behalf of IFME, we are pleased to support this latest edition of the International Infrastructure Management Manual."

John Thomson, C Eng. FICE  C.Env. FIAT
President, International Federation of Municipal Engineering

"The IIMM has been the industry standard and go-to reference manual for asset management for our organisation for over a decade. The breadth of asset management practice it covers is vast and it is relevant for the management of all infrastructure asset types. It’s the one reference document during the covid-19 lockdown I wished I had picked up on the way out the door. What’s great is there is an electronic subscription option also! The recent updates to the manual provide a refresh that ensures that the manual doesn’t get out of date and remains as the pre-eminent resource for asset managers in our organisation."

Paul Gower, Programme Manager - Asset Strategy | Strategy and Communications
Hamilton City Council, New Zealand

“This is an excellent publication that I have used many times in my career. Congratulations on the latest edition.”

Dave Daines
Chair at Asset Management Council

"I have been an avid user of the International Infrastructure Management Manual for over 10 years now and have always found that it perfectly complements the ISO5500x series of standards as a part of my armoury for implementing asset management in many sectors around the globe. This sixth edition of the IIMM continues to effectively complement ISO standards to provide the global benchmark for asset management professionals. It covers new topics such as climate change and technology coupled with in depth case studies ensuring that it remains highly relevant and practical."

Rhys Davies MBA CEng FIAM MIET
Chair of ISO/TC251 Asset Management

"The November 2020 release of the International Infrastructure Management Manual is a must have reference for communities of all sizes to help guide their infrastructure asset management program.  The new release shows that Asset Management as a practice has converged with how well the ISO 55000 Asset Management standards and the IIMM align and compliment each other.

The structure of IIMM is very intuitive, with each section providing a concise overview of its content. The electronic version is easy to navigate and user friendly.

For APWA members looking to use the APWA Asset Management Roadmap to guide the implementation of their asset management system the IIMM provides a valuable resource as you map out your infrastructure asset management journey."

Mary Joyce Ivers CFP
President, American Public Works Association (APWA)



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