Build your skills and career development in asset management, and showcase your achievement with IPWEA NZ's Digital Badges.

  • 2 – 4 hours per badge
  • Starting at $195 + gst
  • Connect with other learners
  • Receive a 'sharable' digital credential to showcase your achievement
  • Become a member to receive a discount

Everything you need to know about digital badges...

A digital badge is an electronic symbol representing an accomplishment, achievement or skill. It is validated and can be stored online, making it easy to share electronically via email, social media and other online platforms to provide evidence of skills and achievements. Digital badges are embedded with metadata that provides supporting information including the issuer, the recipient, the date of issue (and expiration) and any other criteria required to earn the badge. Digital badges show verifiable evidence of your achievements or accomplishments to employers.

Our digital badge programme creates new pathways into the asset management profession, and was launched in September 2019 with our first badge: AM 101 – Introduction to Asset Management. The range of digital badges that we offer is constantly growing as we develop badges that are more advanced, and in more specific areas of asset management practice.  Our Asset Management Foundation badges cover the whole IIMM (Infrastructure Information Management Manual) curriculum at the aware and basic level of maturity.

Our badges cover the following areas:

Set of asset management foundation badges

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IPWEA NZ digital badges can be completed quickly, and importantly for many, on the job. Our digital badges are designed to fit in conveniently with your life and work, to enable you to grow and advance a successful career in the infrastructure and asset management sector. 

The infrastructure asset management sector in New Zealand is facing a significant skill shortage, due to increasing demands of our aging infrastructure, and many in our sector reaching retirement age. We needs new pathways into the profession, that the tertiary education system does not provide. Recognition of skills and competencies is becoming increasingly important, and digital badges provide this.


  • Our badges are delivered 100% online, and include how-to videos and assignments
  • Each badge is designed to take approximately 2 – 4 hours, you have 30 days to complete each badge, to suit your pace
  • Hands-on experience with tools and templates
  • Curriculum is based on the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM)
  • Aligns with ISO 55000 global AM standards

We use the IIMM framework and Asset Management Basics handbook to introduce asset management principles and key concepts to managers and staff who are new to the process. We are developing a suite of digital badges to cover the spectrum of asset management skills and competencies.

Our digital badges feature industry experts lending their experiences to provide up to date content and real world case studies.

Throughout the learning, you can choose to use the chat feature to connect with other learners, augmenting your learning with networking opportunities.


The online courses use a variety of formats, including video, quizzes and reading, to suit your learning style.

  • Those who are new to managing infrastructure assets or those who want to align their understanding of asset management with the IIMM.
  • Students or recent graduates in any profession who are interested in this area.
  • Professionals in the sector who would like to advance their knowledge in a specific area.

Type Member price (10% discount) Non-member price
100 level - Introductory $175.50 $195.00
200 level - Essentials $220.50 $245.00
300 level - Advanced $265.50 $295.00
400 level - Specialist $355.50 $395.00

You will have 1 month to complete each badge.


Congratulations on gaining your badge!  We recommend that you read the following easy-to-follow article, on how to see and share your badge - click here

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We have developed a course framework which aligns with the learning objectives in the REG Asset Management Competency Framework.  Click on the image below to view the digital badge framework.

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