IPWEA President

Myles Lind
President, IPWEA NZ
Asset Management Lead
Auckland Transport
Audit and Risk Committee

T: +64 278 390503
E: Myles Lind


Myles was elected as President of IPWEA NZ in Jun 2019, for a two year term.

Myles was appointed to the IPWEA Australasian Board on 20 October 2017.

He was appointed to IPWEA’s Audit and Risk Committee on 29 June 2018.

Myles possesses the following formal qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) (Canterbury University)
  • Certificate of Management (New Zealand Institute of Management)

IPWEA NZ Vice-President

Priyani de Silva-Currie
Vice-President, IPWEA NZ
Acting Manager - Infrastructure Property
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
Audit and Risk Committee

T: +64 274 99 4472
E: Priyani de Silva-Currie


Priyani was appointed to the IPWEA NZ Board in June 2019.
Priyani has nearly 10 years experience as the National Asset Management Leader within an NZ consultancy with a background in Buildings and Property and a broad Asset Management base spanning all public infrastructure sectors. Priyani trains in asset management and procurement, is an assessor for the New Zealand Diploma in Infrastructure Asset Management and New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Procurement. Priyani has co-lead the development of the BTechEng degree for Asset Management with Weltec and Massey University, in her spare time Priyani also guest lectures at Massey in Leadership.

Matt Russell
Group Manager, Services and Assets
Southland District Council

E: Matt Russell


Matt was appointed to the IPWEA NZ Board in June 2019.

Matt has an infrastructure development and management background in Contracting, Consulting, and more latterly in Local Government. Matt has completed studies in Business, Asset Management and Resource / Environmental Management. Matt is passionate about Asset Management and ensuring that our infrastructure legacy is a positive legacy that connects and enables.

Cushla Anich
Director, Morrison & Low

E: Cushla Anich

Cushla was appointed to the IPWEA NZ Board in June 2019.

Cushla is an experienced infrastructure manager and a chartered professional engineer. In her role as Director at Consultancy Morrison Low, she provides strategic advice to clients in central and local government sectors in New Zealand and Australia across a diverse range of assets. She enjoys helping clients build their internal asset management capability. Cushla’s recent experience includes strategic practice reviews, infrastructural health checks, asset management improvement programmes, and procurement advice. She is a recognised strategic manager in the water industry.

Hugh Blake-Manson
Contract Manager, Citycare Water

E: Hugh Blake-Manson

Hughwas appointed to the IPWEA NZ Board in June 2019.

Bio to come

Erin Moogan
Invercargill District Council
E: Erin Moogan

Erin was appointed to the IPWEA NZ Board in June 2018.

Bio to come

Samantha Gain
Immediate Past President, IPWEA NZ
Senior Legal Advisor, Bus & Ferry
Wellington Regional Council
Audit and Risk Committee

T: +64 4 830 4071
E: Samantha Gain


Samantha was appointed to the IPWEA Australasian Board on 26 June 2015.

She holds the position of Manager, Legal and Procurement at Greater Wellington Regional Council in New Zealand and was a member of IPWEA’s Audit and Risk Committee from 16 June 2017 to 29 June 2018.

Samantha is the President of IPWEA (NZ).

Samantha possesses the following formal qualification:

  • Bachelor of Law (LLB) (University of Otago, NZ)

Gary Porteous
Client Director - Asset & Network Performance
Audit and Risk Committee

E: Gary Porteous

Gary was appointed to the IPWEA NZ Board in June 2018.

Gary is a chartered Professional Engineer in both NZ and Canada.Gary has over 20 years’ experience in highway maintenance, operations and asset management in both the private and public sectors.  Gary is an expert in the development and procurement of highway maintenance contracts, having worked in this industry sector for the last 20 years, in New Zealand, the UK and Canada.  In his role at WSP, Gary is responsible for providing technical leadership and direction to the transportation sector within WSP.

Kristina Hermens
Business Director, Three Waters


To come.

Nicola Chisnall
Principal Advisor Asset Strategy at Wellington Water

E: Nicola Chisnall


Nicola was appointed to the IPWEA NZ Board in June 2019.

Full Bio to come

Raj Suppiah
Chief Financial Officer, Tararua District Council

E: Raj Suppiah

Raj was appointed to the IPWEA NZ Board in June 2019.

Full Bio to come

Jamie Cox
Director, Rural Strategic

E: Jamie Cox

Jamie was appointed to the IPWEA NZ Board in June 2018.

Full Bio to come